Server update, 2015-06-01

We’re back with another fortnightly release of musicbrainz-server. A small set of bugs this release, as we’re still primarily working on the bits of UI that were not finished for last fortnight’s schema change release. MBS-7489, relationship artist credits, is now finished, and (not listed below), work collections are done and ready to be used. Still remaining are collections for a variety of additional entities (eventually, everything but URLs, which would just be silly) and tag upvoting/downvoting. Thanks to all contributors and we hope you enjoy these improvements!

The git tag for this release is v-2015-06-01.

Full list of bugs:


  • [MBS-8187] – URL with open edits not removed when no relationships are left
  • [MBS-8341] – Can’t seed work attributes to /work/create: HFH: param clash for edit-work.attributes value
  • [MBS-8384] – Series-series relationships aren’t displayed
  • [MBS-8401] – “send email” broken for me (only?)


  • [MBS-7972] – Make edit relationship edits auto-edits when the endpoints don’t change

New Feature

  • [MBS-7489] – Artist Credits for Relationships


  • [MBS-8375] – Add a bunch of new sites to otherdbs
  • [MBS-8378] – Fix redirect on /tags link to docs

4 thoughts on “Server update, 2015-06-01”

  1. AC on AR, thank you so much MB and Bitmap !
    Some cool cleanup will occur once everyone is at ease with it and knows for sure that all kinds of AR are safe (several check edits are ongoing, let’s wait for 48h). 🙂

  2. @rhbecker: since collections are a per-user thing, nope! Anything you can think of to use collections for is a valid one; they’re entirely for an individual user’s whim. Some things that might work though would include grouping together subscriptions (especially true for upcoming things like places, which can’t otherwise be subscribed to), repertoire (for a musician), a sampling of exemplary works from a particular culture, etc.

    But really, the main answer is no. Collections, work collections or otherwise, are all about whatever a user wants to do with them.

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