One more round of logos

Thank you for your feedback from the last round of logos! The most important messages that we received from the last round were:

  • The colors were too saturated
  • There logos contained too much detail and when made smaller, would not look good

Nico, our designer from Monkey.Do, has taken this to heart and come up with the next round of logos. In this iteration, he is demonstrating progressive details with a logo: At the lowest level of detail the brain is just the split hexagon as suggested by Aerozol, and as the logo gets larger, more detail appears in the logo.

Have a look:


As usual, we’d love your feedback!

6 thoughts on “One more round of logos”

  1. I’d like to keep the fleshy brain shape, but make it look like a cube.

    I like the plus/minus CritiqueBrainz.

    I like the long tag Picard.

    I’m wondering how it would look with some sort of shine effect to make it look like a plastic tag itself.

  2. Oooh, the even smaller version of the MB logo, with just ‘M B’ text, looks sexy 😉
    Only thing I’m wondering is if the silhouette differs a bit too much from the larger versions, because the hexagon isn’t split in the same way, eg:

    Just a thought

    Apart from that I like the ‘Brainz’ side with the extra square outline, eg the third version on page two, but not for any good reason, just appeals to me aesthetically.
    I like the long tag as well, I don’t think it’s necessary to bring the ‘hexagon’ or beveled edges back into use within the logo again.
    I prefer the critique brainz logo with the speech bubble, but mainly because I think that’s more interesting to me than a ‘rating’ site. I think with that kind of thing it depends on what you see the role of the service as. Eg, a place to store ratings, or a place for dialogue.

  3. Is there some alternate design for the “neural” part of the logo?
    Not sure if I dig the brain shape inside the hexagon to symbolize the brain. it seems too busy.
    And the connected circles do not scream brain to me.
    Other than that I like it, very simple and otherwise evocative, that’s what you want in a logo.

  4. Thanks for your comments, everyone! I was able to drive consensus around everything but the AB logo — but we have a new approach on that one.

    Also, a shout out to Simon: Thanks for your feedback! Your comments helped shape the discussion significantly! Thanks!

  5. Cheers!
    Shout out from me to Nico for all the iterations, design by committee is just the worst 😛

  6. I think it also needs a subtle gradient to help pull the eye along.

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