8 thoughts on “Posted without explanation”

  1. I also like the idea of the various Brainz projects fitting together. And yes, as Billy Yank implies, hexagons are a good way to do this. I fear, though, that it’s easy to make it look like a cartoon or a game tile.

    Since clean, uncluttered designs seem to be popular these days, here’s one possibility: http://www.clipartbest.com/clipart-9czx6onKi

    Another might be to have a common background, or a set of related backgrounds e.g., the outline of a brain), with a different icon for each project:

  2. Love the hexagons! Only thought I have is that I wouldn’t be scared of keeping it too simple – just strong hexagons with very little embellishment could be a really strong look. But I’m sure your designer knows what he’s doing! Must be pretty good – his process looks just like mine πŸ˜›

    Just wanted to share some quick sketches because I think it’s interesting that some of the ‘connection’ imagery is really similar! I never got any further though

  3. Thanks for posting your picture — I love seeing people’s thought processes. And I’m actually leaning towards keeping things simple. Some of the designs that our designer drew were really nice, but too intricate.

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