Schema change update, 2014-11-17

We’re back with the schema change release, as promised! We only have a small collection of tickets, but several big things:

  • Pre-gap tracks and data tracks for CDs (where neither contribute to the discid, and pre-gap tracks have position of 0)
  • Collections can now be marked with types such as “owned” and “wishlist”, plus some special new types mentioned below.
  • CDStub data is now replicated.
  • All entities (except URLs) should now support tagging, as areas, instruments, and series were made taggable.
  • Events! And, additionally, event collections. All (non-deleted) users should have had an “Attending” and a “Maybe Attending” collection created, with the corresponding collection types.

Upgrade instructions will come in another blog post, though they should be substantially unchanged from past releases. Specifically, we’d like to confirm everything’s working correctly with a specific git commit, and make a new tag, before we post a recommendation, since there’s already been some problems discovered. Some slacker must not have tested this carefully enough (author whistles in an innocent-sounding fashion).

The git commit for this release (sans small fixes that have happened since release earlier today and any others that may need fixing) is v-2014-11-17-schema-change.


  • [MBS-7638] – CreateIndexes for instruments wrongly looks at label tables


  • [MBS-967] – Support for hidden pre-gap tracks
  • [MBS-1059] – Types of list/collection
  • [MBS-7551] – Add folksonomy tag support to areas, instruments, and series
  • [MBS-7784] – Support for data tracks in tracklists

New Feature


  • [MBS-7883] – Make sure delete_unused_url doesn’t remove URLs used in edits

9 thoughts on “Schema change update, 2014-11-17”

  1. I get this error executing ./

    Wed Nov 19 09:29:02 CET 2014 : Downloading a copy of the cdstub tables from
    Wed Nov 19 09:29:15 CET 2014 : Deleting the contents of release_tag and reimporting from the downloaded copy ‘catchup/mbdump-cdstubs.tar.bz2’ not found at ./admin/ line 118.

    Would be nice to see the Upgrade instructions. Thank you.

  2. This is so exciting! MB might attract more contributors with those few features that are very user-centered. I’ll write a post soon about those developments.
    Thanks for the hard work!

  3. @InvisibleMan78: since this post specifically says that upgrade instructions and a new tag will be in another post, it seems that it should be clear this isn’t intended to be the tag used for performing an upgrade.

  4. I fail to see how the Attend / Maybe Attend collections can be used – there’s a basic temporal problem. What I’ve read indicates that an Event should have some relevance to MB, which generally means it needs to have spun off some recordings that have ended up in an album somewhere. That can’t happen until after the event, though, so what purpose is there in entering events before they have occurred, and if we don’t enter events beforehand, how could we register as attending or maybe attending them?

  5. @Sheamus Patt: MusicBrainz isn’t a database about purely recorded music (any more: arguably pre-NGS it was) but about music generally, so an event is relevant to MusicBrainz by merely existing and having music played at it, and not being something totally inconsequential like jamming with some friends in your living room, unrecorded and unannounced, or whatever (which is about the event equivalent of an individual mixtape). Similarly, lost works and unrecorded musical works are welcome; we have plenty already. Where did you read about relevance to MusicBrainz that cast it as relevance to recorded music? I don’t doubt it’s there, since a lot of our documentation’s out of date, but we should correct that.

  6. @ianmcorvidae It’s how I interpreted which says an event “should be relevant to musicbrainz”. I took it to mean it supports other MB entities – your interpretation seems to be “it’s about music”, which is a much more open interpretation. I guess if it features artists in MB it would still be relevant, so maybe we’re not that far apart.

  7. One of the intentions with the event entity is to provide crowdsourced concert data; so yes, any concert is fine, whether recorded or not, and whether any performers are already in MB or not.

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