Server update, 2014-06-23

It’s that exciting time again: another release of bug fixes and improvements. User-visible changes include a menu showing recently-used entities in autocomplete lookups (previously only available in the relationship editor), plus the display of other identities/legal names on artist pages. Thanks go to the MetaBrainz team and chirlu and nikki for their hard work on this release!

The git tag is v-2014-06-23.

Here’s the complete changelog:


  • [MBS-3537] – Add a unique constraint on medium (release, position)
  • [MBS-7149] – Relationship editor AR popup: only previously used *artists* are remembered
  • [MBS-7303] – Missing recordings in release (after updating the release)
  • [MBS-7405] – Inline search claims there are no results when the search returns an error
  • [MBS-7578] – Regression: Work types list is no longer sorted alphabetically
  • [MBS-7605] – Release editor allows invalid characters to sneak into the database
  • [MBS-7649] – Edit alias edits don’t display properly if the alias has since been removed
  • [MBS-7651] – Alias edits show no value for various fields
  • [MBS-7652] – edit_series_fk_edit and edit_series_fk_series are missing
  • [MBS-7653] – MB.utility.joinList should use the same logic/strings as the comma_list MACRO
  • [MBS-7665] – annotation edit changelog shows object reference ARRAY(0xa190008) instead of actual input text
  • [MBS-7666] – is still at schema version 19
  • [MBS-7667] – GenerateSQLScripts doesn’t check for the existence of CreateTables.sql
  • [MBS-7669] – Whitespace not trimmed for series number in the relationship editor


  • [MBS-1943] – Reorganize the sidebar to show the most important information first
  • [MBS-2474] – Display artist legal/performance name more prominently
  • [MBS-2602] – Show recent labels/artists in lookup popups
  • [MBS-6277] – Move release group relationships section for releases to the overview tab
  • [MBS-6731] – Add link to doc/Release/Format from Tracklist tab
  • [MBS-7668] – Add a stat for number of MBIDs known.

2 thoughts on “Server update, 2014-06-23”

  1. Thanks very much for the recently-used items in the popups! This makes complicated AR additions for things like operas so much faster.

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