Search Server Update, 2014-05-14


  • [SEARCH-141] – Remove or change setMergeFactor option in IndexBuilder
  • [SEARCH-332] – target element for relationships included in /ws/2/url endpoint is improperly structured to match lookup
  • [SEARCH-336] – searching “Universal Music” and 34. entry is correct “Universal Music”
  • [SEARCH-339] – MB search requires minimum of 4 characters to consider second name
  • [SEARCH-347] – Countries should be sorted before cities in Area search
  • [SEARCH-348] – Full Search Index Failure


  • [SEARCH-265] – Add editors to the indexed search
  • [SEARCH-341] – Allow searching releases with specific packaging type
  • [SEARCH-352] – Include disambiguation in work index
  • [SEARCH-355] – Label Sortname field removed from Database
  • [SEARCH-356] – Area Sortname field removed from Database

New Feature


  • [SEARCH-338] – Return containing areas in area search

3 thoughts on “Search Server Update, 2014-05-14”

  1. From time to time I get this error message when adding some releases:

    unknown Release id: at lib/MusicBrainz/Server/Controller/WS/js/ line 380, line 1.

    Happened several times, but not every time. Unsure of what’s specific.
    When submitting every of the edits at once:
    First edits do work, then it stops when adding *2* release labels (but they’re saved anyway), and discogs link/annotation isn’t taken into account so I have to edit release once again in order to add them.

    Happened when selected “Add release” to this one:

    Sorry for unproper place to mention this.

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