MetaBrainz is on Amazon Smile

Amazon has created a program where your purchases at Amazon can support your favorite non-profit. This program is called Amazon Smile and MetaBrainz is enrolled in this program. If you would like to support MetaBrainz (and thus MusicBrainz), start with this link when you start shopping:

Metabrainz Foundation Inc

Alternatively you can bookmark this link:

We’ll be integrating links to Amazon Smile into the MusicBrainz web site soon, so you won’t have to remember these links.

UPDATE: This only works for the US based Amazon store.

5 thoughts on “MetaBrainz is on Amazon Smile”

  1. Is that basically the same thing as the previous affilitation programme just with a different name, or are there any other differences?

  2. Great! Maybe it will bring some money.

    I looked at the MetaBrainz description there and it does not look good. Could it please be repaired so that it does not look so amateurishly? For me it seems that the description does not explain the goals of MusicBrainz well.

    About this charitable organization

    Metabrainz Foundation Inc

    Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

    Support And Development Ofthe Musicbrainz Project, Which User Contributed Data And Music Are Made Available To The Generalpublic For Free

    Categories: Scholarships, Student Financial Aid, Awards

  3. Simon,

    Everyone can participate in the associates program, whereas you have to be a registered charity to participate in Amazon Smile.

  4. Pabouk,

    Ah, that is indeed terrible. I can’t see how to change it — I’ve opened an issue with Amazon over this. Thanks!

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