Server update, 2014-03-03

Here we are with a fresh server release! Following up on the recent release of the new release editor, this week we’re releasing a revamped way to edit URL relationships directly from entity editing pages. Other than that, a variety of bug fixes and small improvements, as you can read below! Thanks to chirlu and mineo for supplementing the MetaBrainz team’s work this release.

The git tag for this release is v-2014-03-03.


  • [MBS-4154] – Search error when doing tag lookup with exclamation marks
  • [MBS-5411] – insert or update on table “cover_art” violates foreign key constraint “cover_art_fk_edit”
  • [MBS-7043] – Moving a DiscID from its present medium to the same medium causes the DiscID to be removed
  • [MBS-7080] – Can’t click on results in inline search after multiple lookups
  • [MBS-7110] – URLs with square brackets broken in edit notes
  • [MBS-7118] – Server allows “reorder cover art” edit that does nothing
  • [MBS-7240] – remember_login token is not allocated if the username casing used when logging in does not match the database
  • [MBS-7255] – Reusing the tracklist for a release with a discID blocks track times
  • [MBS-7259] – Release countries are missing from the duplicates tab
  • [MBS-7261] – The “Plus” button for track additions is out of layout after the recent update
  • [MBS-7262] – The date field of the “release event” start taking 2 rows after the recent update
  • [MBS-7263] – Edit of recordings in track list when adding new release does not work
  • [MBS-7265] – It’s possible to enter release merges without an edit note
  • [MBS-7274] – RE submitted apparently empty recording edits
  • [MBS-7275] – Two places with empty addresses fail to merge.
  • [MBS-7281] – editor page. “Last 24 hours” link contains strangely encoded characters &
  • [MBS-7287] – Clearing both the label and catalog number of an existing release label throws an ISE
  • [MBS-7288] – beta: cdbaby kills the external links editor
  • [MBS-7289] – URLCleanup doesn’t remove non-encoded left-to-right mark
  • [MBS-7290] – Hybrid SACD doesn’t allow discIDs


  • [MBS-1397] – When the same editor adds and removes the same object at the same time, the original edit should get cancelled
  • [MBS-3130] – Make it possible to edit the URL of a specific relationship
  • [MBS-3583] – “Add Release” form should assist adding ASIN, discogs and wikipedia relations
  • [MBS-3662] – Ability to add/relate to multiple URLs at once
  • [MBS-5734] – Make it possible for url|text substitutions to also have arbitrary attributes
  • [MBS-7226] – Require email address to sign up
  • [MBS-7292] – release editor. “edit note” wiki page link is not target=”_blank”
  • [MBS-7293] – Release merges: With “merge releases and recordings” strategy, show recordings that will be merged in the edit display

New Feature

  • [MBS-7159] – Allow adding/editing external links/url relationships to an entity from its edit page

One thought on “Server update, 2014-03-03”

  1. I am really loving the new URLs in the edit page. Really makes things a lot easier.

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