Server update, 2014-02-03

Another release for you! This time it’s fairly small, due to assorted work on longer-term projects, as well as a meeting including the main team in Chicago. Thanks to nikki for a lot of i18n fixes, and chirlu for the new reorder cover art UI, adding to the MetaBrainz team’s work!

The biggest user-facing change is that cover art can now be reordered by drag-and-drop. Thanks to chirlu for that patch!

The git tag for this release is v-2014-02-03.


  • [MBS-7074] – Regression: Inline search from an entity page finds the same entity
  • [MBS-7095] – ISRC/ISWC bubble shows [removed] when adding a recording/work
  • [MBS-7115] – Collections page only shows the first 25 collections.
  • [MBS-7154] – Attach CD TOC : some”show tracklist” buttons don’t work
  • [MBS-7169] – Internal server error loading non-existent relationship type page
  • [MBS-7174] – Artist level Vimeo links are matched to the wrong relationship type
  • [MBS-7175] – “Add Release” doesn’t seem to check the data in Label field in any way, says any text in label field is valid, gives no error
  • [MBS-7177] – Selecting a rel then another in the relationship editor causes a weird mixup
  • [MBS-7197] – Releases ISE when release groups are merged


  • [MBS-4374] – Use drag’n drop for re-ordering cover arts
  • [MBS-5869] – “New Image Goes Here” wrap-around
  • [MBS-7194] – Compile templates to files, and cache template compilation for a longer period


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