Server update, 2013-11-11

Another fortnight, another release; thanks to Freso, warp, bitmap, reosarevok, and the MusicBrainz team for their work!

The tag for this release is v-2013-11-11. We had some small problems during release; sorry to anyone who ran into an error during the short period before we reverted things to get our server configurations in order!


  • [MBS-4438] – Release editor: Track durations are not loaded the first time you access the recordings tab
  • [MBS-5592] – Relationship editor permits multiple identical relationships
  • [MBS-6066] – Random internal server errors when searching
  • [MBS-6298] – ‘View all relationships’ links to a tab that’s not in the list of tabs
  • [MBS-6449] – Logic for showing “at least” in the edit search for the number of results is wrong
  • [MBS-6661] – work_attribute check is wrong
  • [MBS-6673] – Cover art uploading not working in IE
  • [MBS-6689] – Pasting an MBID initiates a search
  • [MBS-6769] – Inline search shows sort name even when identical to name
  • [MBS-6785] – Tagger button broken in Opera
  • [MBS-6851] – Can’t relate recordings to places in the relationship editor
  • [MBS-6858] – Relationship type documentation not accessible
  • [MBS-6872] – Tags page does not show places
  • [MBS-6873] – delete_unused_url and delete_orphaned_recordings don’t account for places
  • [MBS-6878] – Inline search check for non-latin characters treats Vietnamese characters as non-latin
  • [MBS-6883] – Relationship editor fails to load existing relationships
  • [MBS-6884] – Guess case treats “studio” in place names as extra title information
  • [MBS-6892] – Relationship editor needs “(more documentation)” link after relationship type description
  • [MBS-6900] – Cannot edit places with empty coordinates
  • [MBS-6901] – Places lat/long parser does not understand »+55° 54′ 14.49″, +8° 31′ 51.64″«
  • [MBS-6905] – beta: Comma shown in coordinates field when editing places with no coordinates
  • [MBS-6907] – beta: Coordinates parsing should not require seconds
  • [MBS-6908] – Internal server error searching for multiple editor flags in the edit search
  • [MBS-6909] – “Editor flag is not” in edit search does not work
  • [MBS-6914] – beta: Clicking result in inline search hides popup instead of selecting result
  • [MBS-6916] – beta: No dropdown in inline search when there are no results
  • [MBS-6921] – Artist Credit join phrase not displayed in tracklist


  • [MBS-1421] – Require an edit note for all destructive edits
  • [MBS-2985] – Report: download relationships in non-digital releases.
  • [MBS-6239] – Use Wikidata URLs to fetch interwiki links
  • [MBS-6353] – Display on release group merge edit the same info displayed on merge preview page (mainly release group types)
  • [MBS-6394] – Automatically cut out hyphens during ISRC addition
  • [MBS-6456] – Show country and subdivision when displaying areas in sidebar and on profile pages
  • [MBS-6554] – Uppercase letters when entering ISRCs instead of rejecting lowercase ones
  • [MBS-6771] – Use localised aliases in the inline search where possible
  • [MBS-6824] – Coordinate fields should understand and convert degree minute second format
  • [MBS-6828] – Coordinates should be editable as one field
  • [MBS-6830] – Coordinate fields should strip degrees signs
  • [MBS-6831] – Coordinate fields should understand directions
  • [MBS-6832] – Coordinates should be presented better
  • [MBS-6838] – Release group dropdown in add release does not contain sufficient info
  • [MBS-6839] – Video attribute should be shown in merge recording edits
  • [MBS-6846] – Strip excessive digits in coordinates
  • [MBS-6859] – Inline search for places should show localised aliases
  • [MBS-6882] – Titles for video pages should say “Video”
  • [MBS-6911] – Make MB.Control.ArtistCredit a view model for knockout, use $.widget for MB.Control.Autocomplete


  • [MBS-6729] – Add whosampled to the Other databases whitelist
  • [MBS-6893] – Add “Rockens Danmarkskort” to “Other databases” whitelist for Places

2 thoughts on “Server update, 2013-11-11”

  1. Hi can also add the acoustic ID for Indian songs most of the songs are available in website.

  2. Great !!! This is the first time hearing about MusicBrainz. Thanks for keeping it up-to-date 🙂

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