Search server update for 2013-10-14 release

In conjunction with our main server release we’ve released a new search server. Thanks for your hard work on this release, Paul!

This release contains changes to match the Autumn 2013 database schema changes plus some bug fixes and improvements mostly to do with artist credits and aliases. See the detailed list of issues that are fixed in this version:


  • [SEARCH-46] – Searching for a release by releasename and artists english name will give no matches
  • [SEARCH-122] – Recording Search only adds release artist credit if different to recording artist credit and VA release
  • [SEARCH-304] – Webservice Json output for aliases when searching is inconsistent for boolean values
  • [SEARCH-311] – Recording, release and releasegroup search results incomplete artist aliases
  • [SEARCH-324] – Release search should return catalog numbers in ascending order


  • [SEARCH-132] – Allow to filter release search by quality
  • [SEARCH-242] – The searcher can’t guess that the artist name one’s looking for is alias or artist name ☞ look for both
  • [SEARCH-288] – Include alias sortnames when searching works


2 thoughts on “Search server update for 2013-10-14 release”

  1. Thank you for your work!
    Could you please provide the update instructions for this Search Server update too?

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