Server Update, 2013-08-19

Another two weeks, another release! A variety of bug fixes, primarily, and some assorted improvements. For those of you using replication on resource-constrained servers, this release includes code to make ProcessReplicationChanges run in constant memory, which should hopefully be an improvement.

With help from Michael Wiencek and the rest of the MusicBrainz team, here’s what we’ve done in the last fortnight:


  • [MBS-1549] – Guess Case: “¿” in sentence mode
  • [MBS-2151] – Editing Track Times should remove existing value
  • [MBS-2959] – Release-group XML first release date is using incorrect sorting logic for incomplete dates
  • [MBS-4389] – Editing artist credits shows “undefined” as disambiguation comment
  • [MBS-4788] – Editing → Add Release allows user to set release type even when existing release group has been selected
  • [MBS-5508] – Uploading cover art from https pages causes a warning about insecure pages
  • [MBS-5965] – Remove relationship edits store translated attributes
  • [MBS-6192] – Internal server error on ws query if offset is non-numeric
  • [MBS-6220] – tooltip (title) shows “&” instead of “&”
  • [MBS-6243] – “In x hours” is only shown for edit expiry times for the same day
  • [MBS-6418] – Relationship editor allows adding more relationships than the server can handle
  • [MBS-6546] – When the search server reports an internal server error the client receives a 400 status code
  • [MBS-6558] – Internal server error logging in with a Unicode username
  • [MBS-6570] – Removing relationship dates in the relationship editor fails
  • [MBS-6571] – Filename display in cover art edits is hardcoded to jpg
  • [MBS-6588] – “Direct database search” returns the same work as 2 different names
  • [MBS-6591] – JSON: Composer and release lookup
  • [MBS-6610] – Various Artist Alias and Tags should not be shown unless looking up Various Artist artist endpoint
  • [MBS-6622] – All log in pages are not served via HTTPS
  • [MBS-6628] – ModBot is unable to close some merge label edits
  • [MBS-6630] – Remove button when uploading covers is shown after the image has been submitted
  • [MBS-6632] – Relationship documentation examples don’t work with release groups
  • [MBS-6637] – doesn’t redirect to beta when desired
  • [MBS-6638] – ‘use beta site’ on main site will unset preference
  • [MBS-6650] – Editing a relationship type allows submitting the form with no changes
  • [MBS-6656] – Relationship editor fails when counting number of selected recordings
  • [MBS-6657] – Internal server error when using a negative limit
  • [MBS-6667] – Beta: No edit note field in the relationship editor
  • [MBS-6677] – Donations from random end users dropped to nearly nil.
  • [MBS-6679] – beta: ISE displaying artist edits


  • [MBS-193] – Add open edit and cancelled edit stats to users
  • [MBS-1820] – Release search results should include more information
  • [MBS-2108] – More detail for works quicksearch
  • [MBS-3204] – Better name/explanation or warning for type “Pseudo-Release”
  • [MBS-6644] – ProcessReplicationChanges should be able to run in low memory environments

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