New MusicBrainz EU download mirror

With the help of Freso and then generous support from Denmark based open source hosting provider the MusicBrainz downloads (data and apps) are now available in the EU (FTP too!).

This should make data downloads quite a bit faster than trying to download them across a trans-atlantic link.

Thank you very much to the folks at for setting this up and hosting it and for Freso for making this connection!

5 thoughts on “New MusicBrainz EU download mirror”

  1. Thank you for this possibility!
    How can I configure the replication to choose Denmark as source of the data?

  2. Can we expect this mirror to be up-to-date always (e.g. for replication) or is there some delay between the two mirrors?

    @InvisibleMan78: The URL for replication packets is
    If you’re using mbslave just edit mbslave.conf and set base_url=
    I don’t know about MusicBrainz’s own replication client.

  3. If you’re using musicbrainz-server replication, it’s the –base-uri argument to LoadReplicationChanges.

    Re: up-to-dateness for replication, any of the ftp sites will lag slightly behind, I believe less than an hour. Shouldn’t be a problem for most applications.

  4. Thank you, ianmcorvidae!

    I try it with
    carton exec -Ilib — ./admin/replication/LoadReplicationChanges –base-uri=

    The lag for the replication seems to be around 1 hour. At 09:07 Central Europe Time, I can see this (newest) replication packets on the primary source
    replication-70579.tar.bz2 21-Aug-2013 05:00 15K
    replication-70580.tar.bz2 21-Aug-2013 06:00 29K
    replication-70581.tar.bz2 21-Aug-2013 07:00 75K
    and on the danish server:
    replication-70579.tar.bz2 21-Aug-2013 07:00 15K

    Some minutes later (09:18), the danish server shows the same newest replication packets:
    replication-70580.tar.bz2 21-Aug-2013 08:00 29K
    replication-70581.tar.bz2 21-Aug-2013 09:00 75K

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