New virtual machine available via BitTorrent

We have finally created a new version of our Virtual Machine and we’re currently seeding it via BitTorrent. If you have some spare bandwidth and would like to help seed this torrent, please join it and leave your client running.

You can find the torrent file here. (edit: for the curious/disk-limited, the downloaded .ova is 10.13GB). Please read the instructions for how to use this VM.

You should consider this VM as beta quality as it not been tested at all. Let’s hope for the best!

UPDATE: We’ve got a workaround for getting this VM to work in VirtualBox. It works just fine under VMWare Fusion and Player.

UPDATE 2: We’ve added a second tracker to the BitTorrent.

8 thoughts on “New virtual machine available via BitTorrent”

  1. Thank you.

    Which torrent client should we use (for windows)? Any suggestion?

  2. This currently doesn’t seem to work on VirtualBox. Importing the ova fails with “Cannot open medium storage unit”. Upacking the ova with tar and adding the vmdk to a machine (as disk) fails with “VMDK: incorrectly quoted value in descriptor”.

  3. It seems to start in VMware Workstation. Now I have to search for the login informations .-)

  4. I wrote the steps for the VirtualBox workaround, but thanks anyways 😉
    VirtualBox is working again with these additional steps.

  5. Any chance of updating the torrent to use more than one tracker? OpenBittorrent’s tracker is down, and I can’t download the VM at all right now.

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