Server update, 2013-07-08

We’ve just finished deploying the latest version of MusicBrainz on our servers. This release is again primarily a bug fix release, but as always we’ve got a couple of improvements in added too. Thanks to Michael Wiencek, Nicolás Tamargo, nikki and the MusicBrainz team for all their work on this release! Here’s a list of what’s changed:


  • [MBS-5892] – Make wikidocs links always go to the server the user is on
  • [MBS-5941] – Using the link to from beta.mb after starting to use the beta site redirects to beta.mb again
  • [MBS-6020] – Work types in the relationship editor still don’t sort alphabetically
  • [MBS-6272] – Countries are no longer linked in the release sidebar
  • [MBS-6325] – Moving a release with a release date into an empty release group does not provide it with a date (sorting doesn’t work)
  • [MBS-6327] – Development servers ask users to change passwords when logging in
  • [MBS-6331] – Internal server error entering an existing ISO code
  • [MBS-6384] – Internal server error looking up a disc ID in the JSON webservice
  • [MBS-6404] – Regression: it is impossible to have a track without "track #" field empty (despite edit doing just that passes without problem)
  • [MBS-6440] – Opening filter fails due to syntax error
  • [MBS-6485] – Blocking of /ws/1 URLs should be done in MusicBrainz-Server, not nginx config
  • [MBS-6491] – Editing an artist area should not be an auto-edit
  • [MBS-6501] – Internal Server Error: "Wide character in subroutine entry" trying to create an account with Unicode characters in the username or password
  • [MBS-6504] – Digest authentication is broken for new accounts until the password is changed
  • [MBS-6519] – Recording index page column span is incorrect
  • [MBS-6524] – Work type and lyrics language ordered differently for editing and display
  • [MBS-6548] – ModBot is unable to close Edit::Relationship::Delete edits


  • [MBS-5487] – Edit search : Add the relationship type information to "remove relationship" edits
  • [MBS-5835] – Report of recordings with tracks which vary a lot in length
  • [MBS-6132] – Show filename in Add/Edit cover art edits as in removals
  • [MBS-6226] – Use new page version in the wikidocs edit page form
  • [MBS-6258] – Add accept/reject buttons to the edit search results pages on test servers
  • [MBS-6350] – Merge release events where dates are equal but release country in one or more instances is unknown
  • [MBS-6499] – Kill the nag


The Git tag for this release is v-2013-07-08.

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