Server Update, 2013-06-25

We’ve just finished pushing out another version of MusicBrainz. Sorry that we’re a day behind on this one, yesterday we had a few tests that needed fixing before we could release. This release is mostly bug fixes and small improvements, and should solve problems with the “remember me” login feature working incorrectly. This upgrade might have lost a few remember me tokens, but if you are still seeing problems after a few days of the site, please leave a comment on MBS-6471.

Many thanks to Lukáš Lalinský, Michael Wiencek, Nicolás Tamargo and the rest of the MusicBrainz team for their work on this release. Here’s what changed:


  • [MBS-3427] – "Internal Server Error" submitting CD Stubs with invalid data
  • [MBS-5524] – Edit relationship type edits are missing information for identifying the relationship type
  • [MBS-5903] – JSON webservice doesn’t return release-list in collection query
  • [MBS-5958] – Release editor did something very very wrong
  • [MBS-6027] – JSON webservice returns asin: null for releases with ASINs
  • [MBS-6073] – Inaccurate range of credits when grouped at the bottom of a release page
  • [MBS-6101] – Redis should only be required if sessions are used
  • [MBS-6206] – Soundtrack Collector URLs should not be possible at the Release level
  • [MBS-6244] – Private data dump contains bcrypt column and can’t be imported
  • [MBS-6261] – "Date unknown" is inconsistent with our handling of unknown values elsewhere
  • [MBS-6296] – Area alias links are shown for non-location-editors
  • [MBS-6315] – Recordings tab of the RE showing lots of [removed]
  • [MBS-6349] – Artist credits display wrong on add release edit
  • [MBS-6364] – "Possibly duplicate artists" report doesn’t show any results
  • [MBS-6374] – Release editor seeding is broken
  • [MBS-6383] – Can’t add search hint to area
  • [MBS-6416] – release editor loses track identifiers when editing a medium.
  • [MBS-6467] – "you may add a new label" in area search
  • [MBS-6471] – "Keep me logged in" is broken


  • [MBS-2782] – "Edit medium" edit type > Don’t show pointless artists credits changes (e.g. when only join phrase has been changed)
  • [MBS-2848] – New "Add medium" artist credits section is cluttered and hard to parse
  • [MBS-3663] – "No" votes should allow time for the original editor to respond
  • [MBS-4652] – Add a link to How To under Documentation
  • [MBS-5911] – Display source for non-CAA cover art
  • [MBS-6205] – Clean up Soundtrack Collector URLs
  • [MBS-6207] – Check formatting for Soundtrack Collector URLs
  • [MBS-6259] – Bring back date/country columns in tables
  • [MBS-6352] – ExportAllTables::check_tables_completeness should be updated and used
  • [MBS-6363] – Update Twitter URL cleanup to use https

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-06-25.

One thought on “Server Update, 2013-06-25”

  1. Thank you for your work.

    Actually, a ‘git fetch origin’ command on my own little slave replication server returns the following 3 entries:

    * [neue Markierung] ocharles/v-2011-05-27-ngs-hotfixes -> ocharles/v-2011-05-27-ngs-hotfixes
    * [neue Markierung] v-2013-06-25 -> v-2013-06-25
    Von git://
    * [neue Markierung] v-2013-06-10 -> v-2013-06-10

    Do I have to ‘git checkout’ every single entry, followed by ‘carton install –deployment’ or how can I combine this steps?

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