Summer of Code: We're in for another round!

I’ve not had a chance to blog about our participation in Google’s Summer of Code program this year, so it is time to fix this now. As you might guess, we’ve been accepted into the program again and were given 3 slots. We awarded the slots to:

  • Rearchitect/Improve the Release Editor by Michael Wiencek (bitmap): This proposal aims to re-work the guts of our Release Editor and to change the architecture to use one page and not a series of pages. This project is potentially massive, so the goal is to work on the guts of the editor while not making many (if any!) changes to the UI. But, bitmap is a veteran GSoC student and long time Picard contributor, so we’re excited to have him back!
  • MBS-6200: Add a “place” entity by Nicolás Tamargo (reotab): Our very own Reosarevok joins the GSoC ranks to implement the Places support. In our previous schema change release we added support for Areas and Reotab aims to finish this project by implementing Places. For more discussion and background on Areas and Places, please see this ticket in jira.
  • Repository for music reviews by Maciej Czerwiński (mjjc): The goal of this project is to create a site that allows anyone to write a non-neutral point of view review of an artist, a release or a recording. All of the reviews in this site will be licensed under a Creative Commons license to be compatible with MusicBrainz and its data.

I’m really excited by all of these projects and the people who are contributing. Summer of Code started yesterday, so we’ll see very soon what our three students will accomplish.

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