Search server update: June 13

On 13th June we updated the search servers once more. Thanks for fixing bugs and adding Area support, Paul!

Release Notes – MusicBrainz Search Server – Version 2013-06-13


  • [SEARCH-297] – Webservice Json output for aliases when searching is inconsistent with output when doing a lookup
  • [SEARCH-302] – search server json output use singular for a list of release-groups.


  • [SEARCH-292] – Include area info in the indexed search artist and label results
  • [SEARCH-299] – Ouput TrackIds

New Feature

  • [SEARCH-301] – Search for Area by ISO 3166 code


  • [SEARCH-273] – Support for multiple country/release events on release as as part of schema changes
  • [SEARCH-286] – Add areas to the indexed search

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