Picard 1.2 released

Version 1.2 of Picard has been released today, with some notable features and bug fixes.

As announced recently, PUID support is being removed from MusicBrainz on October 15. This release of Picard has followed suit by removing all support for AmpliFIND/PUID scanning and submission. AcoustID is now the default (and only) method of scanning files. If you’re currently using AmpliFIND as your fingerprinting system, then after installing Picard 1.2 you must enable AcoustID in your options, under the “Fingerprinting” section.

Those who have the Picard cover art plugin installed will likely want to remove it. Picard 1.2 has built-in support for downloading cover images from a variety of sources, without the need for a plugin. Please see the new configuration under Options -> Cover Art.

Something important to note for people who build/package Picard is that Python 2.6 is now the minimum required version.

Special thanks to Wieland Hoffmann, Laurent Monin, Lukáš Lalinský, and everyone who’s helped contribute/report bugs for this release!

Picard 1.2 can be downloaded at:

Changes since 1.1:

  • Picard now requires at least Python 2.6
  • Removed support for AmpliFIND/PUIDs
  • Add support for the Ogg Opus file format
  • It’s now possible to download cover images without any plugin. Cover Art Archive images can be downloaded by image type
  • Improved directory scanning performance
  • Prefer already-loaded releases of the same RG when matching files
  • Allow dropping new files onto specific targets
  • Add basic collections management support (PICARD-84)
  • Allow adding custom tags in the tag editing dialog (PICARD-349)
  • Fix replacing of Windows-incompatible characters (PICARD-393)
  • Save both primary and secondary release types (PICARD-240)
  • Handle errors from the AcoustID service better (PICARD-391)
  • Accept HTTPS URLs on drag-and-drop (PICARD-378)

11 thoughts on “Picard 1.2 released”

  1. I thought I installed 1.21 on the build machine. I’ll have a look and release a new version.

  2. How to search with only an AcoustID? The searchpage still only shows a PUID-field.

  3. That would be cool, thanks. Another effect of the old mutagen version is, that the Windows release does not support Ogg Opus either 😦

  4. Both primary and secondary release types are indeed saved (PICARD-240), but when you open the saved folder again the Original Value of the releasetype tag is e.g. “album/compilation”, whilst the new tag is “album; compilation” – consequently the old and new tags do not match and Picard wants you to save the album again and the Remove Perfect Albums plugin fails to work.

  5. That just sounds like you somehow set the server address to freedb. Try going to the options, and under Server Address enter musicbrainz.org and port 80.

  6. Keeps crashing…. Guess it can’t handle a large load..
    1st attempt — 92,361 mp3s
    2nd attempt — 10,000 mp3s (figured I’d break it down to a smaller load)
    3rd attempt — 5,000 mp3s (even a smaller load)

    Can this program handle a load at all?

    Trying 2,000 mp3s……

    Oh and it definitely isn’t the computer:
    i7 extreme
    64GB 2400OC Memory
    Windows 8 Pro w/ Media Center x64
    120GB SSD Primary/OS Drive
    4TB Secondary/Program Drive

  7. 5000 is usually ok in my experience, but 90k is definitely way too many files, yes. Picard is not designed to go through a huge collection in one go – that would make it pretty much impossible to check the matches before saving anyway.

  8. Finally Got it to go….
    Broke the Folder (Unsorted) into sub folders:

    Broke the 92,000+ mp3’s into the folders 1,500 mp3’s each…. Took a while…..
    Added Stage1 to Picard then Saved the Results into the Save Folder (Sorted)
    Then Added Stage2 then Saved…. for each of the 62 Stages…. TOOK A LONG LONG Time!

    But Finally all the mp3’s have been Re-tagged, Sorted and Saved!

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