Updating our privacy policy

A number of bugs have been piling up pointing out inconsistencies in our privacy policy. We’ve realized that the existing privacy policy is quite brittle with respect to our fast paced server development cycle. I’ve edited the privacy policy in an attempt to future proof the policy while not eroding anyone’s privacy. The revised policy has already had some community review and now I would like to cast the net to a wider audience for review.

However, I would like to set the stage carefully here: This is not a call to re-write our privacy policy or to nit-pick it to pieces. I am trying to nail down the open bugs and ensure that our privacy policy reflects our current actual activities. So, unless you find an actual problem that needs to be addressed, I am not likely to make any further changes to the revised policy.

That said, here is the list of bugs I’m trying to close: MBS-5708, MBS-5709, OTHER-144, OTHER-145, MBS-5942, MBS-5948.

Here is the new privacy policy that should fix the bugs above. Compare that to our current policy and also have a look at the diff of the wiki markup between the two pages.

One thought on “Updating our privacy policy”

  1. Shouldn’t the blog, forum and bug tracker also be mentioned, or are they already covered? I think they all require a new login.

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