Official schema change notification for 15 May, 2013

We’re nearly done implementing the SQL portions of our tickets for the upcoming schema change on 15 May, 2013. We’ve settled on the following tickets that we plan to release:

  • MBS-5861: Dynamic work attributes
  • MBS-3978: Support more than one barcode on same release
  • MBS-4756: Move the wiki transclusion index to the database
  • MBS-799: Location, venue and event support
  • MBS-3985: Support multiple artist countries
  • MBS-4925: Add country of birth and country of death to Artist (person)
  • MBS-4115: Cover art archive: Support .png SQL changes
  • MBS-1839: Track MBID SQL changes
  • MBS-5809: Add a “description” field to collections
  • MBS-5314: Drop the work.artist_credit column
  • MBS-5302: Store International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI, ISO 27729) for artists and labels
  • MBS-5528: Change short_link_phrase to long_link_phrase
  • MBS-2229: Allow multiple release events per release
  • MBS-2417: Support multiple countries/regions on a single release
  • MBS-5772: Generate relationship documentation (semi-)automatically
  • MBS-5848: Instrument credits

Each of the tickets above will give you a complete idea of how we plan to change our schema on May 15th. Questions? Post a question in the comments and we will answer it.

Finally, we are going to require that Postgres 9.1 will be the minimum version of Postgres going forward. I’ve spoken to many people about this and it seems that a large percentage of people are already using Postgres 9.1, so this should not be a major change.


One thought on “Official schema change notification for 15 May, 2013”

  1. Thanks for all your work!

    Could you please release an actual Virtual Machine with all this changes, the new Postgres 9.1 and data after the schema change?

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