Server Update, 2013-03-11

Thanks to work from Nicolás Tamargo, nikki, Lukáš Lalinský, Paul Taylor, and the MusicBrainz team, we’ve just released a new version of the MusicBrainz website. As usual, this is mostly a bug fix release, but we do have one shiny new feature once again… OAuth2! It is now possible to authenticate with MusicBrainz using this, rather than the old digest auth system. For more details, see the Development/OAuth2 documentation page. This feature is new, so if you encounter any problems (here or elsewhere), please be sure to let us know!

Here’s a full list of what’s changed:


  • [MBS-4155] – Clicking twice the same relationship link → Internal Server Error
  • [MBS-4419] – Memcached should not be used for persistent data
  • [MBS-5358] – Can’t enter fuzzy ending date in the same year as the start date
  • [MBS-5829] – Internal server error when requesting /tracklist/ with an invalid ID
  • [MBS-5856] – Reorder medium edits use “Disc”
  • [MBS-5866] – “Direct database search” for a new artist is missing at least Gender and Country
  • [MBS-5873] – Modbot recommending to merge label with an artist
  • [MBS-5875] – Internal server error approving an edit with no votes
  • [MBS-5877] – Internal server error when adding a release with a non-existent release group MBID
  • [MBS-5878] – Internal server error when doing tag lookup
  • [MBS-5884] – Internal server error when viewing editing history
  • [MBS-5896] – Error in Spanish even though the interface language is German
  • [MBS-5908] – Some Wikipedia extracts not appearing on translated MB
  • [MBS-5914] – Tagger icons are not showing up in tables
  • [MBS-5915] – Add ISWC/IPI buttons display incorrectly
  • [MBS-5938] – sever-side warnings generated on a proper client request on /ws/2/
  • [MBS-5939] – User applications page shows empty tables when there’s nothing to display
  • [MBS-5945] – oauth2: entering an invalid URI then switching to “Installed Application” fails to submit (silently)
  • [MBS-5946] – oauth: web applications don’t remember authorizations for the same scope
  • [MBS-5950] – Crappy-written multiple-artist paragraph on FreeDB import
  • [MBS-5951] – Display the actions column for applications the same as elsewhere on the site
  • [MBS-5954] – Confirm revoking OAuth access


  • [MBS-950] – Only allow permitted sites for some relationships
  • [MBS-5020] – Report:: recordings linked to same work more than once
  • [MBS-5218] – Report: Duplicate dated/undated relationships
  • [MBS-5839] – Relate To URL should auto-identify beatport as “can be purchased for download” relation.
  • [MBS-5940] – Remove fref=ts from Facebook URLs
  • [MBS-5949] – Update the wording about deleting accounts

New Feature


  • [MBS-2917] – Report:Releases with unknown track times

2 thoughts on “Server Update, 2013-03-11”

  1. Oh, good catch. That one should be 2013-02-11, not 03-11. I’ll go fix that now 🙂

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