Server Update, 2013-02-25

Thanks to work from Ben Ockmore, Frederik “Freso” S. Olesen, Michael Wiencek, Nicolás Tamargo, nikki, Sean Burke, and the MusicBrainz team, we’ve just released a new version of the MusicBrainz website. As usual, this is mostly a bug fix release, but we do have one shiny new feature… collection subscriptions! It is now possible to subscribe to your own collections, or other public collections, and receive daily emails summarizing edits recently made that might affect releases in these collections. This feature is new, so if you encounter any problems, please be sure to let us know!

Here’s a full list of what’s changed:


  • [MBS-3514] – Part of an edit was applied but not shown in preview nor in edit history
  • [MBS-3952] – Last Updated time is wrong on the Statistics page
  • [MBS-4543] – Seeding the create relationship page ignores some parameters
  • [MBS-4774] – Edit to swap two recordings creates a blank edit
  • [MBS-4947] – /edit/open won’t load
  • [MBS-5016] – Buttons misaligned in Firefox
  • [MBS-5309] – Not all artist credit changes are shown in tracklist edits
  • [MBS-5388] – Relationship editor allows linking an entity to itself
  • [MBS-5397] – Edit medium’s diff (insert track) : shows track duration change where there are none
  • [MBS-5402] – Country (and language) dropdown is sorted by English alphabet
  • [MBS-5461] – No space between releases in collection and button to remove them
  • [MBS-5520] – Translation problem on disc IDs page
  • [MBS-5547] – Relationship Editor: Can’t unselect orchestra type
  • [MBS-5560] – Internal server error (after creating recording-work relationship via relation-editor)
  • [MBS-5565] – Link to add new label is missing when there are results
  • [MBS-5677] – URL MBIDs missing from the webservice
  • [MBS-5726] – Internal server error when requesting /ws/2/discid in JSON
  • [MBS-5765] – Very long releases have bad release length parameters
  • [MBS-5787] – i18n: “This beta test server allows testing of new features with the live database” is untranslatable
  • [MBS-5799] – Relationship editor doesn’t allow adding multiple relationships with different attributes
  • [MBS-5815] – Use “Died” in edit artist page like on sidebar
  • [MBS-5819] – Instrument select in relat. editor requires accents
  • [MBS-5821] – i18n: work types are untranslatable inside the relationship editor
  • [MBS-5824] – Internal server error loading Wikipedia extract for page name containing &
  • [MBS-5825] – Internal server error when requesting an artist with a really large ID
  • [MBS-5828] – Internal server error on /chrome_frame
  • [MBS-5836] – Relationship editor accepts POST data containing mismatched entity/link type combos
  • [MBS-5842] – “Position” is untranslatable in
  • [MBS-5880] – Internal server error for Wikipedia extract when Wikipedia page is a redirect
  • [MBS-5889] – Subscription summary test fails, does not check collection subscriptions


  • [MBS-1955] – Sort relationship types tree
  • [MBS-2225] – Subscribe to collection
  • [MBS-3990] – Add a user preference for using beta version of MB
  • [MBS-4094] – Make artist credits more compact in edits
  • [MBS-5568] – Work types list should be sorted
  • [MBS-5644] – relationship editor : check all/several recordings and batch-add relationship to same work
  • [MBS-5759] – Make reorder cover art an auto-edit
  • [MBS-5823] – Work alias page doesn’t allow to select the guess case options

New Feature

  • [MBS-5833] – Show off the latest releases on the homepage


  • [MBS-3856] – Revert MBS-1052 “Amazon should lookup cover art by barcode too”
  • [MBS-5802] – Add autoselect + sidebar links to VIAF
  • [MBS-5849] – Adding to the lyrics whitelist


  • [MBS-4270] – Release editor JS strings should be in text.js or similar so they are translatable
  • [MBS-4997] – Add lookup url to webservice
  • [MBS-5490] – CAA coverart over SSL

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-02-25.

2 thoughts on “Server Update, 2013-02-25”

  1. The “Recent Additions” (latest releases on the homepage) is a very nice feature! Thank you.

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