Server update, 2013-02-11 and an important notice regarding edits

We’ve just finished pushing out another two weeks changes to the MusicBrainz web site. While this release is predominantly a bug fix release with a few small improvements, we’ve made a fairly substantial change to the way edits are applied.

As of this release, all subsequent edits entered will have an expiration period of 7 days – a reduction from the previous 14 days. We’ve made this change in order to reduce the time that editors have to wait for changes to be applied, which should lead to an improved user experience; and we’ve also made the change to hopefully try and make the edit queue a little bit more managable. This change is exploratory, so if you find it counterproductive, we’d love to hear your thoughts. IRC, the forums and the mailing lists are all good channels to voice your feedback.

Also, we have finally made the switch to GitHub. While the existing repository URLs will continue to work, they will no longer be updated. If you want to stay up to date with the latest code, make sure to update your checkout information.

Many thanks to Frederik “Freso” S. Olesen, Michael Wiencek, Nicolás Tamargo and the rest of the MusicBrainz team for their work on this release. Here’s what’s new:


  • [MBS-3457] – Direct search results incorrectly reports a recording as "standalone"
  • [MBS-3962] – Edit search doesn’t really exclude artists with "is not"
  • [MBS-4522] – Empty annotations are not merged correctly
  • [MBS-5144] – The MusicBrainz logo in the top-left corner has a different background color than the rest of the header
  • [MBS-5395] – "Actions" column on alias page is too narrow for translations
  • [MBS-5432] – Internal server error when editing cover art
  • [MBS-5434] – Inconsistent terminology: primary/secondary types and type/extra types
  • [MBS-5506] – Edit search for "My vote is not" does not work as expected
  • [MBS-5525] – Blank edit relationship type edits
  • [MBS-5566] – No more autoedit mark ?
  • [MBS-5567] – Internal server error entering remove cover art edit
  • [MBS-5617] – "new image goes here" is not translatable
  • [MBS-5650] – ISE when attempting to approve already-closed release group edit
  • [MBS-5655] – It’s possible to "Remove [a] release label" although there’s none
  • [MBS-5696] – ModBot can fail to close ‘edit artist’ edits that violate uniqueness on (name, comment).
  • [MBS-5698] – Some move disc ID edits display nothing for the old release
  • [MBS-5700] – Subscribers aren’t removed when a user deletes their account
  • [MBS-5705] – Rows in the appearances section of the artist relationships tab are sometimes one column too short
  • [MBS-5719] – The track number of the last track on some 2-disc releases is missing
  • [MBS-5724] – Sort/copy name missing for work aliases
  • [MBS-5728] – Possible to enter ‘edit release group’ edits that fail to apply due to spaces in artist credits
  • [MBS-5732] – Empty labels don’t warn for deletion pending
  • [MBS-5740] – Useless "select all" checkbox on Release Duplicates tab
  • [MBS-5742] – Editing a work without JS on will enter a silent remove ISWC edit
  • [MBS-5748] – Not possible to "Approve" an edit where yours is the only "No" vote
  • [MBS-5750] – Subscriptions report filtering ignores labels
  • [MBS-5754] – Editing recordings from tracklist does not work if "Release Duplicate" is chosen
  • [MBS-5762] – "Work Type" and "Work Language" incorrectly left blank for "Merge Works" edits when viewing predefined edit searches
  • [MBS-5763] – Edit release edits not properly translated
  • [MBS-5764] – Work language column in the stats links to releases
  • [MBS-5770] – There is no constraint on release_label that either (or both) the label or catalog number are not null.
  • [MBS-5771] – Add (うたまっぷ) in the lyrics URL white list
  • [MBS-5774] – "Vote on all edits" is not translatable
  • [MBS-5776] – Cover art types are not being translated on the cover art tab
  • [MBS-5777] – Users’ work ratings page has no title
  • [MBS-5786] – i18n: secondary RG type labels on overview are untranslatable
  • [MBS-5788] – No edit is created when trying to submit/attach a DiscID
  • [MBS-5791] – ISRCs can’t be removed
  • [MBS-5797] – Internal server error if the Wikipedia link is not really a Wikipedia link


  • [MBS-1413] – Make profile bios support WikiFormat
  • [MBS-1774] – Webservice: expose UUID for AR type
  • [MBS-3535] – Stack traces should mention which server was handling the request
  • [MBS-4880] – Add Help/Info about How "Merge mediums and recordings" works
  • [MBS-4902] – Add Google+ links to the sidebar
  • [MBS-5505] – Add to the lyrics whitelist
  • [MBS-5605] – Ratings on collection pages
  • [MBS-5707] – Add autoselect for IMDb URL relationships for labels
  • [MBS-5727] – Disc title missing from edit relationships page
  • [MBS-5767] – Add an index on (editor, id DESC)
  • [MBS-5775] – Update Facebook URL cleanup to use https
  • [MBS-5779] – Remove useless nbsp on
  • [MBS-5798] – Normalise wikisource URLs to http
  • [MBS-5803] – Add autoselect for SecondHandSongs artist URL


  • [MBS-5757] – Consider diminishing time edits stay open
  • [MBS-5766] – Open up /release/ and /work/ in robots.txt
  • [MBS-5810] – Add Open Library to the other databases whitelist

The Git tag for this release is v-2013-02-11.

3 thoughts on “Server update, 2013-02-11 and an important notice regarding edits”

  1. Thank you for your work and the reduction of the expiration period to 7 days.
    This will help for sure to improve the user experience.

    If you could introduce some kind of ‘Reduce the No-Vote(r)s’, it would help that more people would contribute to MB.
    Currently, there is too much time and work wasted through ‘no’ voters.

  2. I vote on a lot of edits and I rarely see non-motivated No edits.

    Actually, a lot of voters spend a lot of time fixing edits that are *really* bad, even after the editors were told what to do to improve their following submissions.

  3. I see a fair amount of edits and I often see weird ideas of what is *really* bad – feats in titles or wrong caps certainly aren’t, and they still get voted down. If it is reasonable but needs some fixing to be fully correct, change the quality!

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