Housecleaning part 1: Please help us create a new theme for our blog

We have one aging machine (scooby) that has been in continuous service since 2006. Back then we didn’t have as many options for hosting source code, mailing lists and blogs. Today, we have a lot more choice and we’re opting to host fewer things so that we can focus our energy on hosting MusicBrainz and not a bunch of ancillary stuff. Our goal is to retire scooby soon and move the services that run on that server elsewhere.

Our blog is the first thing to move: We’re moving it to and we’re nearly done with the move. But, we dont have a decent wordpress MusicBrainz theme for our blog. If anyone is interested in taking an existing wordpress theme and making it a custom MusicBrainz theme, we would love your help!

If you’re interested, please leave a comment and we’ll get in touch with you to coordinate this process.


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