Server update, 2012-12-10

We’ve just finished pushing out an update to the servers. While work continues on the new edit system and an ingestion solution, this is a fairly small release of mostly bug fixes. Thanks to Pavan Chander and the MusicBrainz team for their work on this release!


  • [MBS-5035] – Removing release leaves orphaned recordings
  • [MBS-5126] – Orphaned recordings do not get removed (regression)
  • [MBS-5548] – Git commit data output isn’t HTML escaped
  • [MBS-5576] – Release group bar when adding disc IDs is one column too short
  • [MBS-5581] – Some stuff untranslated that wasn’t before
  • [MBS-5618] – Wikipedia abstract logic doesn’t properly encode certain characters
  • [MBS-5622] – MB registration captcha does not work over SSL


  • [MBS-4228] – Improve artist alias description
  • [MBS-4568] – Add <bdi> tags to help with rendering of RTL text
  • [MBS-5260] – Cache /text.js somehow
  • [MBS-5317] – Webservice needs to support fmt=json switch to fmt=jsonnew for search queries
  • [MBS-5477] – Show country and gender in artist search results

New Feature

  • [MBS-4108] – Display Wikipedia abstract inline

The Git tag for this release is v-2012-12-10.

One thought on “Server update, 2012-12-10”

  1. I’m new to the MusicBrainz server, can someone give a detailed method to update to the git tag release? Thanks

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