Yet another fixed VM uploaded

Though the last version of the 2012-10-15 VM fixed the .ovf to remove an accidentally-included extra disk, this time an incorrect version of a different disk was added. This has been corrected and the finished product tested a bit, so hopefully this time we won’t need another followup blog post!

This time it’s MusicBrainz 2012-10-15.ova, in the usual places.

8 thoughts on “Yet another fixed VM uploaded”

  1. Thanks! I can confirm this is working (on a Win7 64 bit host machine and Virtual Box 4.2.4).

    The speed is adequate for development purposes with most queries complete in 200-400ms (I’ve only given 1 CPU and 2GB RAM at this point but may up that given the massive data set).

    Oh, one thing, the md5sum on the download page is wrong, it’s now:

    $ md5sum MusicBrainz 2012-10-15.ova
    5e0754beb03d0474364473506b2f0c83 *MusicBrainz 2012-10-15.ova

    Now, to get on with my project! 🙂

  2. Thanks! The .md5 file on ftp is correct, the wiki page just didn’t get updated (looks like *I* forgot completely to update the page, someone else fixed the download link for me…). I’ve fixed it now, glad to hear this VM is working correctly!

  3. Today I installed the VM via MusicBrainz 2012-10-15.ova, but still got the error on replication:

    musicbrainz@musicbrainzvm:~$ ./
    open >/tmp.mb-LoadReplicationChanges: Permission denied at ./LoadReplicationChanges line 88.

    as is described in the responses to “Virtual machine for 10-15 release fixed, uploaded as 11-15”

  4. I have the same issue as Lonerider2010 – I have a post asking about it in the forums as well.

  5. Evidently there’s some permissions problems on /tmp. To fix, run these two commands; when it asks for a password, use the same one as for login:

    sudo chmod 777 /tmp
    sudo chmod o+t /tmp

    (EDIT: I’ve also added this fix to the documentation)

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