Server update, 2012-11-14

We’ve just finishing pushing out another update to the MusicBrainz web servers. Sadly, this one is both a little bit later and quite a bit smaller than our normal releases – blame the summit for that! Many thanks to Frederik “Freso” S. Olesen, Michael Wiencek, Wieland Hoffmann and the MusicBrainz team for their work in this release. Before we get to the release notes, a quick announcement regarding DBDefs:

This release features a new way of working with DBDefs, and we recommend everyone who runs a MusicBrainz server to reset their DBDefs to the new system. However, this should only be necessary if you run a web server – if you only use replication it should be possible to continue with the old DBDefs. To use the new DBDefs:

  1. Copy lib/ to lib/
  2. Edit lib/ to match your configuration.

This will give you a configuration that will continue to work with future changes to DBDefs, rather than causing exceptions as it previously did.

Release notes

Here’s what we got fixed:


  • [MBS-4180] – Strange behaviour for artist credits when renaming artist
  • [MBS-5200] – Errors are not translatable
  • [MBS-5247] – Fix all the invalid HTML reported by MBS-5246
  • [MBS-5292] – /release/MBID/cover-art doesn’t list cover art if you have not loaded the edits dumps on your slave server
  • [MBS-5389] – Relationship editor doesn’t correctly handle relating a recording on the release to another recording on the release
  • [MBS-5431] – Moving entities to or merging them artists into Deleted Artist should not be allowed
  • [MBS-5438] – Text overlaps help bubble in relationship editor
  • [MBS-5454] – Broken link to `remove recording edit-type’ documentation on remove recording page
  • [MBS-5456] – Middle click paste does not trigger URL match/cleanup
  • [MBS-5464] – Blog posts on the front page are cached for too long
  • [MBS-5471] – No correct search results even with a recording ID (during Add Release)
  • [MBS-5476] – Pressing enter in empty fields selects instruments / vocals
  • [MBS-5480] – screen space with many artists in the add relationship widget
  • [MBS-5485] – Artist comments not always converted to use XML character references
  • [MBS-5509] – Interface language isn’t persistent enough
  • [MBS-5521] – Date placeholders in the relationship editor are not translated
  • [MBS-5529] – New relationship editor overheats
  • [MBS-5538] – Pressing enter in work add adds/removes ISWC instead of submitting


  • [MBS-3353] – Accept XX:XX:XX track times
  • [MBS-4578] – Improve configuration of server
  • [MBS-5206] – Guess Case: Remove the Classical mode
  • [MBS-5246] – Implement html5 validation using
  • [MBS-5433] – Include interface language in stack traces
  • [MBS-5445] – All the widgets forms should submit when hitting <Enter> in a field
  • [MBS-5477] – Show country and gender in artist search results
  • [MBS-5537] – Display only ‘Add note’ on the note & vote submit button when the edit is already closed


  • [MBS-5504] – Add "DHHU" to the "Other Databases" whitelist


  • [MBS-5488] – Amazon coverart over SSL
  • [MBS-5489] – Basic switch-scheme-only coverart over SSL

The Git tag for this release is v-2012-11-14.

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