Virtual Machine for 2012-10-15 release now available

If you’ve been waiting for the VM for the 2012-10-15 version, your wait is over! I’ve updated the Server Setup page with the links to the latest VM. As usual it contains a replicated database that can easily catch up to the latest data.

Grab yours now and start replicating!

UPDATE: This virtual machine is broken — we’ll work to get a new one up soon.

10 thoughts on “Virtual Machine for 2012-10-15 release now available”

  1. I couldn’t import this into VMWare Workstation 9 as it didn’t pass OVF specification.

  2. error on boot:
    the disk drive for /mnt/postgres is not ready yet or not present

    error on replication:
    open >/tmp/.mb-LoadReplicationChanges: Permission denied at /LoadReplicationChanges line 88.
    -bash: /tmp/.mb-LoadReplicationChanges:: Permission denied

    any ideas?

  3. Oracle Virtual Machine not able to import this ova.

    Message error is: Could not verify content of ‘MusicBrainz’ against the available files (VERR_MANIFEST_FILE_MISMATCH).’


  4. Ok, so the VM that was posted __can__ be salvaged. To do so, follow the steps below:

    1) An OVA is actually just a tar file. Begin by extracting the file:
    linux: tar xvf .ova
    windows (use 7zip and extract the ova).
    2) Copy the “MusicBrainz_2012-10-15-disk1.vmdk”,”MusicBrainz_2012-10-15-disk2.vmdk”, “MusicBrainz 2012-10-15.ovf” files to a new directory.
    2a) Alternatively just delete the .mf and “MusicBrainz_2012-10-15-file1.iso” files…
    3) Update the ovf with the contents of this one:
    3a) this basically removes the references to “MusicBrainz_2012-10-15-file1.iso” and corrects the numbering references to MusicBrainz_2012-10-15-disk1.vmdk and MusicBrainz_2012-10-15-disk2.vmdk
    4) You can then either:
    4a) Deploy the OVF to ESX, or other VMware platform. You don’t necessarily __have__ to have the manifest file. If you __want__ to create one, please see the following link on info how: –> cliff note, in linux: run “openssl sha1 *.vmdk *.ovf > .mf”
    4b) If you want create an ova, just tar the files (vmdk, ovf, and optionally the mf file) and rename to a .ova from a .tar

  5. robnester: Do you have an updated OVF file that you could upload? Save me the hassle from having to download, fix and re-upload…

  6. robnester’s instructions worked here too. It failed to import/convert on older esxi 3.5 but worked in virtualbox, so I clonezilla’d each drive into new vm and voila! Took about 5 hours to replicate the near month of data 10-15 to 11-12. Thanks for taking the time to post this, robnester!

  7. Hey all – can anyone from the MusicBrainz project simply update the OVA that’s available for download. I’ve tried a couple of times to download and then apply robnester’s changes and can’t get it going with VirtualBox or VMWare Player.

    The VirtualBox import crashes immediately with the original OVA (ie not changed after downloading) and after making the changes robnester suggests.

    Would really love to get this up and going for my project.

    (I’m running Windows 7 64 bit which I’m wondering if might be the problem).

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