Update on postgresql 8.4 issues and missing functions in upgrade

We’ve been seeing a number of issues with the upgrade scripts for this release reported here on the blog, in IRC, as well as the ticket tracker. We’ve got a couple bits of news for those upgrading from codebases older than mid-August and those using versions of PostgreSQL older than 9.0:

  1. MBS-5473: This is the ERROR: function controlled_for_whitespace(character varying) does not exist migration problem. Slaves with imports done before mid-August are missing a few stored procedures that are necessary for the upgrade. This has been fixed in the master branch as of commit 082e608c074641e2e8df2c0809d35421b02c7899 — to run the upgrade, run git fetch origin, then git checkout 082e608c074641e2e8df2c0809d35421b02c7899, then continue with step #6 of the original instructions. If you already started the upgrade but failed on the ‘merge-duplicate-credits’ script (as is likely, with this bug), don’t worry: at that point in the upgrade, restarting is not an issue.
  2. MBS-5475: This is the ERROR: syntax error at or near “ORDER” migration problem. Unfortunately, this one’s more serious: on PostgreSQL 8.4, our upgrade scripts don’t work, as one uses a feature introduced in 9.0 (as previously mentioned) After some hours of investigation, it appears that this issue can’t be resolved reasonably; therefore, for 8.4 users the upgrade path is a data re-import using a recent (post-schema-change) codebase and a data dump from October 17th or later. We’d also recommend updating to PostgreSQL 9.x at the same time if that is possible.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

2 thoughts on “Update on postgresql 8.4 issues and missing functions in upgrade”

  1. perhaps nice to know how to enlarge (resize/expand) the disk of mbserver slave.

    The following manual did help.

    first enlarge the fysical drive with vmplayer or something like that.
    Afterwards with a live ubuntu cd – or gparted cd, extending the partition.

    After that:
    Df –k
    [/dev/sda6 (logical drive has to be added)]
    Fdisk /dev/sda
    u (switch to units)
    c (DOS flag)
    n (new)
    l (logical)
    6 (number 6)
    Default start
    Default end
    w (write to disk)
    ls -al /dev/sda* to verify whether the new partition was created
    pvcreate /dev/sda6
    vgextend mbserver /dev/sda6
    vgdisplay (see free size)
    lvextend -L+20G /dev/mbserver/root
    and at last: Resize filesystem!
    resize2fs /dev/mbserver/root

    df –k (to see the results)

  2. I posted this because upgrading from 8.4 to 9 includes backing up the database inside the vm – and disk size will be an issue 😉

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