Server update, 2012-10-01

We’ve just finished pushing out an update today, which will be the last update before the schema change, which is now due in 2 weeks. Sadly, this release doesn’t feature the much anticipated relationship editor, which had to be reverted at the last minute as we still think it could do with more user testing. Hopefully it will make the next release!

This release features work from Aurélien Mino, Nicolás Tamargo, nikki, patate12, Pavan Chander, Ulrich Klauer and the MusicBrainz developers. Thanks for your work everyone!


  • [MBS-3825] – Release Editor is not displaying the release title on the tracklist tab
  • [MBS-3866] – Disambiguation comments can be the same
  • [MBS-3902] – Database allows artist type group with a gender set
  • [MBS-4614] – Country dropdown is sorted by English name
  • [MBS-4670] – "Relate to…" maybe should not add #relate_to hash to address bar URL
  • [MBS-4861] – Data loss: Changing release artist revert track numbers
  • [MBS-5019] – Release group with no name created
  • [MBS-5089] – Statistics: "unique" number of ISWCs is higher than "all" number of ISWCs
  • [MBS-5111] – Editor statistics data regularly falls out of cache, and cannot be recomputed
  • [MBS-5199] – Recording disambiguation comment is not removed when it should in RE’s recordings tab
  • [MBS-5240] – Adding an IPI code to an artist with IPI pending fails
  • [MBS-5241] – Add Medium/Add Release do not show up in recording edit histories
  • [MBS-5242] – Add Medium edits don’t always link recordings, even those that exist
  • [MBS-5250] – Non-specific dates create negative ages
  • [MBS-5264] – Track Parser results in edits changing durations on tracks in mediums with discids in some cases
  • [MBS-5295] – Webservice should distinguish between "" and NULL as a value for release->barcode.
  • [MBS-5298] – WikiDocs links are not scheme-independent
  • [MBS-5301] – gravatars do not get loaded over SSL when they should be
  • [MBS-5315] – ISE moving a discid
  • [MBS-5319] – QUnit testrunner is not compatible with current phantomjs versions.
  • [MBS-5335] – $entity is undefined in


  • [MBS-1579] – Add Release editor: option to swap track title <> artist
  • [MBS-4066] – Simple RE parser speed boost
  • [MBS-4539] – Add h1 to release editor
  • [MBS-4831] – Exclude releases with pending art edits from the CAA report
  • [MBS-5152] – Allow removing a disc ID from the disc ID page
  • [MBS-5281] – Display relationships on release-group overview page
  • [MBS-5282] – language switcher should appear when number of languages > 1, not > 0
  • [MBS-5337] – Add more classes to entity pages and when displaying edits


  • [MBS-2404] – Private mb dump files to be encrypted
  • [MBS-5169] – Add "Rock in China" to the "Other Databases" whitelist

The Git commit SHA for this release is ce2da4b67e39821348cd849ca1957b8e15c33f52, tag is v-2012-10-01.

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