Server update, 2012-09-03

Another 2 weeks have flown by, so we have another release for you! This one is a combination of small bug fixes and improvements, and includes work from Joachim LeBlanc, Michael Wiencek, nikki, and the rest of the MusicBrainz team. Thanks to everyone for their hardwork. Here’s what’s new:


  • [MBS-2301] – Attach TOC to new release – TOC/DiscId is lost when based on existing release/tracklist
  • [MBS-3541] – /ws/1 artist lookup returns odd release-group-list and omits releases from release-list
  • [MBS-3613] – CD Stub "Overview" and "edit" tabs are dead links when adding a new CD Stub
  • [MBS-3678] – Blank annotations are shown in summary if they contained text prior
  • [MBS-3955] – Editing a user doesn’t allow removing auto-editor privileges
  • [MBS-4074] – use head -c to be more portable
  • [MBS-4238] – Edit history: missing history?
  • [MBS-4393] – Recordings search does not find (some?) Chinese titles
  • [MBS-4574] – [removed] displayed while adding a label to a release
  • [MBS-4585] – Artist not found in inline search
  • [MBS-4792] – regression: /ws/2/release queries with inc=recordings+recording-level-rels+work-rels no longer includes iswcs on works
  • [MBS-4797] – DropFunctions.sql cannot be executed
  • [MBS-4804] – Various artist release groups aren’t correctly grouped by release group secondary type
  • [MBS-4844] – /ws/2/release?inc=user-tags+recordings only returns tags for a single recording
  • [MBS-4854] – Querying /ws/2/release with ?inc=tags+recordings+recording-level-rels+work-rels does not return tags on works
  • [MBS-4942] – If is inaccessible, an internal server error is printed on the front page.
  • [MBS-4955] – Editor search does not load Gravatars properly
  • [MBS-4972] – "Add new artist" on the add missing entities tab should have a label
  • [MBS-4992] – Work details tab is missing a details header
  • [MBS-5018] – Some translations break front page styling
  • [MBS-5090] – Some entities are marked as having pending edits when they don’t
  • [MBS-5110] – Inserts into artist_tag_raw are not checking for existence first
  • [MBS-5119] – work-recording vs. work-recordings add relationship pages inconsistent on labels around inputs
  • [MBS-5137] – Amazon artist URLs are linked to the wrong page
  • [MBS-5138] – Amazon referral links are not always correctly generated
  • [MBS-5141] – Subscribed editors page shows "found edits" when not subscribed to any editors
  • [MBS-5151] – Edit count is wrong on /edit/open
  • [MBS-5154] – Country, Label, Catalog Number fields aren’t populated on the DiscID move page.
  • [MBS-5163] – Release editor : label search can’t find what both indexed and direct searches can
  • [MBS-5183] – Internal server error when adding an entity with double spaces
  • [MBS-5184] – malformed UTF-8 character in JSON string
  • [MBS-5187] – Cannot add release
  • [MBS-5188] – InitDb fails with a postgres beta
  • [MBS-5189] – CAA changes to InitDB and MBImport don’t work
  • [MBS-5190] – Adding track times to a release triggers selecting new recordings for all tracks
  • [MBS-5191] – Typo in error when showing an edit and cannot display cover art
  • [MBS-5196] – CSS: Centreing an image doesn’t work
  • [MBS-5197] – ISE looking at certain edit history
  • [MBS-5215] – ModBot SetTrackLengths script is corrupting track numbers


  • [MBS-1326] – Put limits to the Big Red Cell in edits
  • [MBS-1848] – Add guess case for adding/editing alias
  • [MBS-2597] – Show number of releases in each group on "merge release groups" edit page
  • [MBS-2803] – Show release group type when merging
  • [MBS-3119] – Display more information on the merge work page
  • [MBS-3476] – Add more string substitutions for "join phrase"
  • [MBS-4354] – Edits through the webservice should display application name + version
  • [MBS-4382] – Display total medium/release duration
  • [MBS-4533] – Group releases on recording page by status
  • [MBS-4659] – Auto-editor approval should be shown in edit list view.
  • [MBS-4885] – Go back to the "Instrument Tree" tab after creating an instrument
  • [MBS-4979] – inline search: results aren’t as useful as regular search.
  • [MBS-5098] – Create Artist edits should show Born/Founded/Began (and equivalents for end date) rather than the generic names
  • [MBS-5121] – TuneCore song IDs are permitted in ISRC fields
  • [MBS-5135] – Display more information on the release merge page
  • [MBS-5170] – in the edit summary, there is "begin date"/"end date" reglardless of whether it’s "person", "group" or "other"
  • [MBS-5178] – statistics-collected nagios check should show when stats were collected
  • [MBS-5208] – Wrong grammar on open edit button.


  • [MBS-5122] – Use scheme relative links to support https
  • [MBS-5124] – Ensure search server queries correctly time out
  • [MBS-5140] – Purge unused update scripts
  • [MBS-5186] – Open up release groups and labels in robots.txt


  • [MBS-5149] – Code Coverage Review: MB::S::Validation
  • [MBS-5153] – Code Coverage Review: MB::S::Controller::Statistics
  • [MBS-5160] – Code Coverage Review: MB::S::Controller::Browse
  • [MBS-5161] – Code Coverage Review: MB::S::Controller::Role::Load
  • [MBS-5198] – Code Coverage Review: MB::S::Data::Statistics::ByDate/ByName

The Git commit for this release is bd949ec726fa9d; Git tag v-2012-09-03.

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