Server Update, 2012-07-23

We’ve just pushed out our second update for July, and as a treat it’s a day earlier than planned! This release resolves 40 issues, and covers both bug fixes and new improvements. Possibly the biggest new feature in this release is the ability to filter editing reports by your subscribed artists and labels.

This release is the result of hard work from Alastair Porter, Andy Hawkins, Frederik “Freso” S. Olesen, Ian McEwen, Johannes Weißl, Lukáš Lalinský, Nicolás Tamargo, Pavan Chander and the MusicBrainz team. Thanks!


  • [MBS-4313] – "has cover art" missing from Relationship Type multiple select box on "Search for Edits" page.
  • [MBS-4385] – Invalid date causes internal server error
  • [MBS-4589] – Add missing entities does not remember "Add new artist" selections
  • [MBS-4734] – Release Editor Seeding doc needs updating after 2012-05-15 server release
  • [MBS-4771] – Gravatar visibility preference isn’t always respected
  • [MBS-4793] – Preferences displays wrong date/time format
  • [MBS-4817] – RGs with no type set aren’t displayed in a table
  • [MBS-4833] – repeated "internal system error" when attempting to edit a release
  • [MBS-4903] – Locale list has duplicate Serbians
  • [MBS-4916] – Isolate i18n locale-switching
  • [MBS-4949] – Facebook URLs not properly decoded
  • [MBS-4965] – Wrong track number shown in artist credit edit
  • [MBS-4969] – Labels are repeated in collection page/view
  • [MBS-4970] – Historic CDTOC edits are splitting the list of track times incorrectly (ISE)
  • [MBS-4976] – fails to run
  • [MBS-4989] – "Ended" URL relationships are still shown on the artist right pane
  • [MBS-4998] – Regression : Aliases are unique constricted again


  • [MBS-939] – Show how many releases are in each collection
  • [MBS-2364] – CD lookup: Should tell me it didn’t find anything
  • [MBS-2662] – Allow filtering reports by subscribed entities
  • [MBS-2685] – Search box should be larger
  • [MBS-3558] – Improve Various Artists warning text
  • [MBS-3842] – Statistics to port from relationship types
  • [MBS-4274] – Stats by edit type
  • [MBS-4307] – Add statistics for release group type, release status, and release packaging
  • [MBS-4492] – Development server needs to support development of cover art archive things
  • [MBS-4876] – Allow contexts to be used for translations in the mb_server and statistics domains.
  • [MBS-4945] – Indicate special editor types (limited, bot) on edit list
  • [MBS-4966] – Clean up Jamendo track URLs
  • [MBS-4968] – Sort lists of artists in relationships by sort name, not name
  • [MBS-4993] – Improve descriptions of reports

New Feature

  • [MBS-3180] – Packaging option really needs some kind of help or on-screen doc
  • [MBS-3932] – Report: Discogs pages attached to multiple labels
  • [MBS-4983] – Display last commit info along with running branch


  • [MBS-4940] – Add tray to the cover art types
  • [MBS-4959] – Remove watermarked sites (Ozon and Encyclopedisque) from the cover art whitelist
  • [MBS-4963] – Add nginx full restart to fabric
  • [MBS-4986] – Add sticker to the cover art types
  • [MBS-4990] – Activate Veps(ian) language (vep)


The Git SHA for this release is bea9385, with git tag v-2012-07-23.

2 thoughts on “Server Update, 2012-07-23”

  1. Thank you!

    Please add the Git commit SHA for this release.
    And could you please also add the useful tags for this and the previous updates (still ” follow shortly”…)?

  2. Thanks for noticing that. I’ve added the commit SHA, and requested a signed tag be pushed out.

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