Google makes its annual $40k donation!

Once again, Google has donated $40,000 to the MetaBrainz Foundation in support of MusicBrainz. Thank you Chris DiBona and Cat Allman at the Open Source Programs Office at Google! Your support has helped MusicBrainz along more than any other organization — thank you for your continued support!

9 thoughts on “Google makes its annual $40k donation!”

  1. Wow, nice. I didn’t know Google is that generous and willing to support projects. O.o

  2. That is awesome. I only wish they would add musicbrainz data to

  3. Holy cow! What google needs to do is get on board with helping update musicbrainz so the programmers don’t go berserk! Imagine with them helping it would be crazy wicked!

  4. jesus2099 and Sam: Technically they already do, in a small way, by funding Google Summer of Code.

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