Server update, 2012-05-28

We’ve just finished pushing an update to our web servers. This is our first release since the schema change, and we’ve tried to address the problem of artist landing pages. As a temporary solution, we’ve split the page up by type a bit more now, which we hope is a step in the right direction. We’re currently discussing this at User:Reosarevok/Overview Options on the wiki, and your feedback is important. If you feel strongly about this, please have a read at the ideas on that page and feel free to comment/add your own.

This release features work from Ian McEwen, nikki, Joachim LeBlanc, Nicolás Tamargo and the rest of the MusicBrainz team. Thanks everyone for your hard work!


  • [MBS-1121] – Disabled submit buttons have no distinctive style
  • [MBS-3861] – IMDb links not fully normalized
  • [MBS-4278] – Copy changes to recordings edits the wrong recordings if recording associations were changed
  • [MBS-4336] – Release editor > removing a track resets manually changed track positions
  • [MBS-4520] – Deleting tracks does not update track numbers
  • [MBS-4569] – Full page titles aren’t shown in /doc
  • [MBS-4621] – Don’t use empty <img> tags on pages with no images
  • [MBS-4649] – YouTube channel autoselect is broken
  • [MBS-4656] – “Video” option for “can be streamed for free at” relationship is listed under the “License” subheading.
  • [MBS-4662] – ISE: Can’t edit a relationship attribute
  • [MBS-4664] – Use of uninitialized value in sprintf at lib/ line 314.
  • [MBS-4681] – Edit maked as Applied, but it isn’t
  • [MBS-4687] – Link to create new relationship types doesn’t work
  • [MBS-4697] – Approve votes missing from edit search
  • [MBS-4720] – Audiobook is a primary release-group type
  • [MBS-4733] – Merging release groups fails if release groups have secondary types
  • [MBS-4752] – Musicbrainz webservice <iswc-list> changes break compatibility with existing applications.
  • [MBS-4757] – Edit artist alias (sort name) is auto-edit
  • [MBS-4760] – Release groups with secondary types cannot be deleted
  • [MBS-4765] – DB_SCHEMA_SEQUENCE hasn’t been updated to 15 in
  • [MBS-4767] – Cannot accept edit release group edits that change the primary type to a type that no longer exists
  • [MBS-4769] – Bad description row in statistic_event
  • [MBS-4770] – ISE: Error when requesting non-existent relationship types on /relationships
  • [MBS-4772] – ModBot cannot apply old edit work edits that add ISWCs


  • [MBS-684] – TOC lookup displays too little release info
  • [MBS-1874] – Search for the documentation
  • [MBS-3748] – Adding new instruments is a pain
  • [MBS-4298] – Confusing text when merging releases+recordings
  • [MBS-4561] – Make disambiguation on tracklist credits smaller
  • [MBS-4568] – Add <bdi> tags to help with rendering of RTL text
  • [MBS-4657] – Add cover art to timeline
  • [MBS-4700] – Fix inline buttons
  • [MBS-4742] – Add a mention to the “Split Into Separate Artists” page that aliases prevent a split (or automatic removal)
  • [MBS-4762] – Cover art statistics should be displayed on the tabular pages.


  • [MBS-4686] – Add to the lyrics whitelist

In other news, Oliver will be on holiday for one week (yipee!), and will be back in a week. Reachable via email if need be.

The commit sha for this release is 8fbbc36, a Git tag will follow when Rob is back tomorrow. and the git tag is v-2012-05-28

4 thoughts on “Server update, 2012-05-28”

  1. jesus2099: the timeline is the statistics – there is a graph now for mapping the amount of covers in the archive. We’re not getting covers on the artist page (not for now, at least). Also, we know about the Amazon covers – a fix has been finished but not released yet.

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