Search server release: 2012-05-15

In case you haven’t gotten enough of release announcements, we have another one for you. Yesterday during the main releases we also released a new search server to match the main server release. Thanks much to Paul Taylor for working on this release to be timed perfectly!

UPDATE: The search server and the MMD schema repositories have been tagged with this tag:



  • [SEARCH-198] – The artist is getting a lowered score on MBS
  • [SEARCH-199] – Search includes empty annotations
  • [SEARCH-200] – Search on release giving to much boost to matches on CatalogNo
  • [SEARCH-201] – explain option doesnt work if search results contain non ISO-8859-1 characters
  • [SEARCH-216] – Null pointer exception when building freedb


  • [SEARCH-157] – Be able to search for a track by its metadata OR its puid
  • [SEARCH-186] – Search Server has hard coded redirect URL
  • [SEARCH-187] – Update Junit Test from 3 to 4
  • [SEARCH-202] – Allow searching for RGs based on their releases’ status
  • [SEARCH-204] – Upgrade codebase to Lucene 3.6
  • [SEARCH-214] – Add release group ID to the web service indexed search results for recordings

New Feature

  • [SEARCH-205] – Search server should return multiple ISWCs for works
  • [SEARCH-207] – Changes due to introduction of ISO-3 language code
  • [SEARCH-208] – Chnages due to Split release group attributes into two types Schema Change
  • [SEARCH-209] – Support for Multiple IPI Artists
  • [SEARCH-211] – Support for new Track ‘Number’ field in a track
  • [SEARCH-212] – Add abiility to index, display and search works by lyrics language as part of schema change
  • [SEARCH-213] – Changes due to MBS-1385:Support unknown end dates


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