Universal Music UK launches the Artist Gateway… using MusicBrainz!

Universal Music in the UK just launched their Artist Gateway, a site to showcase their artists and to provide lots of detail about their artists. Universal is using MusicBrainz IDs and data throughout their system to give their site the proper structure and links to elsewhere on the net. To launch it, Universal put out a slick video, complete with a plug for MusicBrainz:

This is a huge step for MusicBrainz — in the past the labels didn’t even acknowledge our existence and now they are using our data.

Thanks James Cowdery & crew over at Universal in London!

2 thoughts on “Universal Music UK launches the Artist Gateway… using MusicBrainz!”

  1. Awesome news! Congrats for the entire team on having another high profile user of MusicBrainz data. It’s good to see more and more people (and even the industry itself) adopting a _universal_ way of categorizing music metadata and linking it all together!

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