Server update, 2012-04-30

We’ve released another set of bug fixes and improvements for the server. Thanks to Joachim LeBlanc, Johannes Weißl and the rest of the MusicBrainz team for helping on this release!


  • [MBS-2553] – Change wording for no External Links in the sidebar
  • [MBS-4041] – Nonexistent elections cause Internal Server Error
  • [MBS-4544] – Predefined advanced searches on /search no longer work
  • [MBS-4547] – URL cleanup broken on URL edit page
  • [MBS-4563] – Plugin::Diff is broken
  • [MBS-4564] – robots.txt served as octet-stream on test.mb
  • [MBS-4566] – Advanced Search Syntax Link missing from Search
  • [MBS-4573] – Show a message when a label has no releases
  • [MBS-4597] – Merging can fail if entities have aliases with the same locale
  • [MBS-4609] – Comment element on release group in /ws/2 should be removed


  • [MBS-1167] – "Read more" for annotation previews should load the full annotation in place, not take you to a different page
  • [MBS-1881] – Move relationship types/attributes/instruments lists
  • [MBS-2479] – Mark approvals differently from normal Yes votes
  • [MBS-2814] – Reports don’t highlight entities with pending edits
  • [MBS-3684] – Improve sorting of the "Releases with superfluous data tracks" report
  • [MBS-4038] – Let users edit their permissions on test servers
  • [MBS-4063] – Exclude stuff marked Single AND UK from the SeparateDiscs report
  • [MBS-4125] – Sort report for creative commons download relationships
  • [MBS-4476] – Provide indication of non-front cover art
  • [MBS-4493] – ISRCs with multiple recordings: Do something about the DEF05 ISRCs
  • [MBS-4530] – Remove the recordings with CC download relationships report
  • [MBS-4560] – "No votes" failed edit should not fail in silence
  • [MBS-4572] – Open up /artist/ in robots.txt

New Feature

  • [MBS-4551] – Display which git branch is active
  • [MBS-4567] – Use markdown for README and INSTALL
  • [MBS-4576] – Allow for google analytics support
  • [MBS-4590] – Use /doc/About instead of /doc/About_MusicBrainz
  • We’ve also improved cover art support slightly.


  • [MBS-4160] – SoundCloud relationship under the External links section

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