Please tell us what you think about our proposed "no waiting" access to our Web Service

We’re working to add a paid option to our Web Service for commercial users and for end users who would like to have faster access. We’re finally getting close to being able to offer this service and we would like to get some feedback from our users about this.

We are proposing to add “no waiting” access to our web service — this proposed service would:

  1. Allow continuous sequential access to our version 2 web service without delays between calls. You would not be required to have any delays between calls to the web service (our current service requires a 1 second delay between calls)
  2. Still have a global rate limit that may temporarily deny callers access to our web service (with 503 responses) if our service gets overloaded. We would work hard to ensure that our service would not reach this limit, since its a paid service, but we cannot guarantee that.
  3. Not allow concurrent (more than one call at a time) calls to our web service per user. We reserve the right to terminate your service if we find that you are making concurrent calls to our “no waiting” service.

Our existing web service will not be affected by this new service — the existing service will remain free and limited to one request per second as it is now. Initially the new service is intended for end-users who wish to have faster access to our web service. Once we’ve ironed out the kinks in this new service we will offer this service for commercial customers as well.

Finally, we’ve set up a very short survey (3 questions only!) to gather some feedback from you about this service. We’re mainly trying to establish a reasonable price for this service. Please take our survey and let us know what you think and how much you’d pay for our service.

All of your responses will be private and the survey does not ask for any information about you. Thanks, we appreciate your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Please tell us what you think about our proposed "no waiting" access to our Web Service”

  1. Some questions:
    – How do you use the earned money?

    – What is the impact (in the worst case) for non-paying end-users?

    – Would it not be easier to offer a working VMWare-Image with the MB-Server AND Search-Server for money and let commercial/paying users run their own copy of a replication-Server with “no waiting”?

  2. Invisibleman78:

    We use the money to pay engineers, testers and Style leaders.

    There is no impact for non-paying users.

    We already offer a VMWare image for people to use on their own servers. But that is only for the geeky people and not people who just want to tag their collections and move on with their lives.

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