OT: Toshiba USA service sucks. Don't buy their products!

Sorry for the off-topic post, but I feel that I need to speak up about the atrocious customer service I’ve gotten from Toshiba.

About a year ago we purchased three new portable hard drives that we use for backing up the MusicBrainz servers. These are used for off-site back-ups; every monday when I am in town, I pedal to Digital West and swap out the back-up disk. Should a bomb hit Digital West, we have an off-site backup that we can use to restore MusicBrainz. After about 3 months, the first drive failed and I promptly attempted to return the drive, but the site where you request an RMA number refused to recognize the drives as valid products that Toshiba supports. I periodically checked back to see if they would finally give me an RMA number. About 3 months ago, the system did give me an RMA number and I sent the drives in. 2 weeks later nothing had happened, no replacement drive appeared.

I called Toshiba and no one knew where my drive was. Finally I got an email saying that I had sent the drive to a place that was no longer accepting the drives and my drive was going to be returned to me. What? I filled out the forms and use their mailing label to send the package, how could this go wrong? I called them back asking to ”’not”’ return the drive, but to actually forward it to the RMA place. Of course, no one could actually tell me what was going on. Three days later of being escalated and talking to clueless idiots, I finally got someone who had a clue about what was going on. But that person was wholly unwilling to make an effort to make things right. My drive was sent back to me, but the address was written unclearly and it took an extra 2 weeks for UPS to actually get the drive back to me. (This person also said I should cut Toshiba USA some slack since they were a tiny organization. Ha! They have no idea what tiny really means!)

I finally have my broken drive back and I’m out many hours of time and $12 in shipping costs. And this week the second drive died and I have no patience for dealing with Toshiba again. I am going to recycle all of these drives and replace them with new drives and be done with this. I want nothing to do with Toshiba again. Thanks Toshiba, we’re out $300 — you suck.

This post serves as a public notice that Toshiba sucks and that you should not purchase anything from them, since they refuse to properly support their products.

5 thoughts on “OT: Toshiba USA service sucks. Don't buy their products!”

  1. Sucks that this happened but good on you for sharing this experience. Hopefully it will save others similar bad experiences or prompt Toshiba to get their act together.

  2. Thank you for let us know how “customer friendly” Toshiba react and what they understand by “guarantee”. It’s just a shame!

  3. DO NOT do business with Toshiba; their products suck and their customer service is amongst the worst I’ve ever encountered. I purchased a Satellite laptop about a year and a half ago. The fan and the hard drive went bad and had to be replaced. I had purchased the restore discs a few months prior but disc 2 was unreadable. I called them to ask for another copy of the second disc but since it had been over a month, they said I had to repurchase them, so I placed an order. About 30 minutes later I found another way to restore my system so I called Toshiba to cancel the order and was promptly told that all purchases are final. So, now I’m having to go through Mastercard to cancel the order. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT do business with Toshiba. The quality of their products is questionable and their customer service is user-unfriendly at best! They do not value their customers’ satisfaction AT ALL. Simply put, Toshiba is sleazy. I will NEVER purchase another Toshiba product and will encourage everyone I know or meet to also never purchase ANYTHING from Toshiba.

  4. Try contacting them from Australia…No email address,no communication,no access to anything and their Australian operation tries but hasnt got that assistance at all.
    I am trying to get information concerning a Satellite M55 and the only place is USA,BUT who and where do you contact them?????

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