Search server release: 2012-03-23

Earlier today we switched the latest release of our search server live. Paul says:

In this new release of the search server the basic search will now search more fields and return variations of what you searched such as spelling mistakes and the scoring has also been improved. Advanced search now lets you search for when a field doesn’t exist and you can do exact searches that take accent characters into account using the new accent fields.

We’ve also upgraded to the latest version of Lucene, added a way to see how scores are calculated for results and added integration tests. Hopefully this will all help with future stability.

UPDATE: This code lives in svn and can be found at r13480. I’ve also created this tag.

Thanks for your hard work on this release, Paul. And also thanks to Ollie for taking time to push the server portions of this live today. Here are our release notes:


  • [SEARCH-168] – Recording Search doesnt consider track duration only recoridng duration
  • [SEARCH-191] – Duplicate qdur values being added to document


  • [SEARCH-152] – Update Code to use Lucene 3.5
  • [SEARCH-160] – Searching artist by name and initial(s) is impossible, the initials are useless
  • [SEARCH-163] – Search for exact string, with no accents
  • [SEARCH-166] – Artist search does not always offer the obvious (to a human!) results
  • [SEARCH-170] – Move Basic search logic from mbserver to searchserver
  • [SEARCH-171] – Basic Search should work more like Solr Dismax Parser
  • [SEARCH-173] – Index Catalogos without space
  • [SEARCH-174] – Provide a way to search for empty/non-empty fields
  • [SEARCH-177] – Support for initialize index remotely http://localhost:8080/?init=mmap
  • [SEARCH-188] – Add Integration Tests

New Feature

  • [SEARCH-172] – Make it possible to search for barcode:"[none]"
  • [SEARCH-194] – Add debugging option to be able to get lucene explain for results

3 thoughts on “Search server release: 2012-03-23”

  1. The search server code is maintained using subversion, and we don’t regularly use tags there.


    Some small changes were made the the musicbrainz server code and pushed live, we generally do not tag such hotfix releases, those changes will be tagged along with the next proper release.

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