Open source projects: Do you have servers that need RAM?

As part of our recent server donation, we’ve got piles of 20 1GB ECC server modules kicking around that we won’t put to use. Rather than them go to waste, I would much rather send them to *your* open source project and have you use them. Before too long we will have some servers to donate as well. If you need ECC ram or a server for your open source project, please leave a comment with the following information:

  • The name and URL of the project
  • The exact type of ram you need or what kind of server you need and what you plan to use it for.

I’ll make a list of people interested in servers and I will attempt to match them up with servers as they become available.

One thought on “Open source projects: Do you have servers that need RAM?”

  1. OpenStreetMap US (a US-based organization promoting the OpenStreetMap project) would be interested in hearing about any potential servers you guys have. Our website is

    We already have a fairly high-end server at the Open Source Lab but are looking for servers that might give us more disk space. The current system has 4 bays full and the last 4 aren’t enough to hold some 1TB disks we’d like to use for storing aerial imagery.


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