New Style Leader and Updated Proposal Process

Nicolás Tamargo (reosarevok) is replacing Kuno Woudt (warp) as style leader. This will allow Kuno to fully concentrate on development, and also allow our other style leader Nikki to dedicate more of her time to testing changes and make it less likely for us to have botched releases.

We are also updating the proposal process, and tying it to the Jira tracker, to avoid the manual updating of the proposal table and problems with two people using the same proposal number by mistake. The updated system is at Proposals – the huge table there has been moved to Proposals/History

2 thoughts on “New Style Leader and Updated Proposal Process”

  1. What’s the point of opening JIRA tickets for RFCs? The proposal process does require it, but makes no use of it. Certain tickets (like creating new relationships) might benefit of tickets so the people able to add them can do it, but the general “change some text in the guideline”-RFC doesn’t seem to benefit from it at all (discussion about it is still happening on the style list, which imho is a good thing).

  2. For one, it will satisfy people who want to have a clear list of tickets (the ones who insisted on numbered RFCs). It also allows us to set due dates for them, that we style leaders can easily check – no longer should an RFC get forgotten, and it avoids us keeping paperwork manually. And it also gives a good place to add links to other (previous or not) discussions on the matter, be it to the forum, the IRC chatlogs, etc, so all of it is easy to find.

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