Server Update, 2012-02-06

We just finished pushing out an update last night, and sadly it didn’t go particularly smoothly. As part of ongoing efforts to try and fix the release editor, we temporarily made everything worse and ended up losing quite a lot of session data. I’m profusely sorry that this didn’t go better! We think things are stable again now though, so if you do see any bugs that you haven’t encountered before, please do make sure to let us know over at the bug tracker. Other than that, there were quite a few internal changes to our production setup in this release – we moved to a more modern Plack based setup and used our recent Carton packaging work. Here are the other bugs that got fixed. Thanks to Ian McEwan and Michael Wiencek for helping make this release happen!


  • [MBS-2112] – Using space as join word between two artists in a credit ends up with no space between them
  • [MBS-3677] – Recording page doesn’t highlight releases with pending edits or show disambiguation comments
  • [MBS-3949] – Lookup box not working on work-URL form
  • [MBS-4248] – Timeline graph doesn’t work due to poorly-escaped strings in JS
  • [MBS-3680] – Error 502 Bad Gateway loading certain releases from the webservice


  • [MBS-343] – Lookup by MBID in inline searches
  • [MBS-4273] – WS should use ETags in order to save clients bandwidth (and us too)

New Feature

  • [MBS-4210] – Use separate robots.txt for staging and production servers


  • [MBS-4189] – Display language zxx ("No linguistic content") in release editor form

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