Server donation and finances for 2011

I’m pleased to announce that an anonymous company decided to donate a pile of 20 Supermicro servers to us!! I’ve tallied up and estimated a value for all of these servers and it comes to $49,480!

Out of that pile of servers, I’ve built 10 servers that are very close to the servers that we purchased during our fundraiser last year. Two servers are nearly ready for use and a bunch of other servers decorate (read: fill up) my tiny office. Thanks so much to our anonymous donors — you’re going to help us grow over the next couple of years! With the rate at which our traffic is growing, the timing of this donation couldn’t be better!

If anyone wants to send dark chocolate to our donors as a thank you, please do! Just send them to MetaBrainz and I’ll pass them on our friends.

The timing of this donation was especially spot-on since it put us into the black for 2011. With a scant excess revenue (retained earnings) of $4,166.91 on revenues of $239,756.07, we barely made it. Phew. See our financial reports for all of 2011, if you care to get more details!

That closes an exciting year for MusicBrainz/MetaBrainz! We hope to have the annual report published before the month is out.

Thanks for an amazing 2011 everyone!

Server update, 2012-01-05

With Christmas, New Year, and all that fuss out of the way, I’ve finally been able to get a new release out. We’re only 2 weeks behind on this one I think… oops. Hopefully, we make up for it with these fixes. Also, just a quick reminder that our little scheduling website is open, and needs your feedback to help us decide what will make it into future versions. Happy editing!


  • [MBS-1117] – Show relationship attributes on artist relationship pages
  • [MBS-1169] – Musicbrainz website is missing HTML escaping on user entered data
  • [MBS-1391] – Relate to… box stays up until you click cancel
  • [MBS-2022] – Amazon referrer stuff not included in Amazon links
  • [MBS-2770] – Inline Search: problems changing from indexed to direct
  • [MBS-3352] – Typing "57" in length field should become "0:57"
  • [MBS-3357] – In Release Editor Recordings tab there direct search doesnt seem to consider the artist when showing matches.
  • [MBS-3512] – Release editor added a track duration out of the blue
  • [MBS-3790] – Error (foreign key constraint violation) when editing URL
  • [MBS-3832] – Clicking one "vote on all edits" button doesn’t unselect other
  • [MBS-3941] – Can’t unselect an entity in Add Missing Entities
  • [MBS-3942] – Proposer and seconders can’t see voting tally in autoeditor elections
  • [MBS-3953] – /ws/2/release/mbid with ‘recordings’ inc parameter crashes if the release doesn’t have any tracks
  • [MBS-3970] – Admin menu in menu bar not displayed anymore
  • [MBS-4012] – Track times without colons are no longer guessed
  • [MBS-4015] – Edit Relationship page is missing some css
  • [MBS-4042] – Disambiguation field is still labelled as "comment" on some pages
  • [MBS-4086] – Data dumps don’t import using master


  • [MBS-801] – Display release relationships on release page
  • [MBS-1362] – Add Range-checkbox-checking to site
  • [MBS-1368] – Inline Search: focus on a field
  • [MBS-1627] – Transcluded documentation should have hierarchy links
  • [MBS-1904] – Background no longer changes colour when voting
  • [MBS-1911] – Cryptic warning when merging works.
  • [MBS-2409] – Allow removing recording-PUID links from the /puid pages
  • [MBS-2465] – RE: Add Guess Sortname to the Add Missing Entities tab
  • [MBS-2531] – Add IPI lookup to the lookup page
  • [MBS-2890] – Show artist comment in Edit / Add medium edits
  • [MBS-3042] – Add the possibility to update artist credits when renaming an artist
  • [MBS-3277] – Make menus go away when I stop hovering
  • [MBS-3447] – Releases should show how many people have it in their collection
  • [MBS-3494] – Allow "Edit artist credit" to rename artist credits
  • [MBS-3520] – Rename "quality" to "data quality"
  • [MBS-3604] – Use tooltip to inform users on tracklist editor why they cannot edit track lengths
  • [MBS-3854] – Annotation history page is confusing
  • [MBS-3896] – "Change RG" page says nothing if search finds no results
  • [MBS-3999] – Add user panel display for limited accounts
  • [MBS-4011] – Allow URLs for lyrics


  • [MBS-3779] – Products menu needs to link to client libraries


  • [MBS-3973] – Filter by label country

Search server bug fix release: 2011-12-24

On Christmas eve we updated our search servers with a couple of bug fixes, but then got side-tracked with Christmas itself to write this blog post. I’m finally now fixing this. 🙂

We updated our search server so that is it rate limiter enabled, which will allow us to free up another machine in the New Year. We also have two fixes in search to give better results when a name is made up of numbers, or a title contains punctuation characters.

Release Notes – MusicBrainz Search Server – Version 2011-12-24


  • [SEARCH-158] – artist not found when searching
  • [SEARCH-159] – : shoud be ignored when searching

New Feature

  • [SEARCH-161] – Search server should consult ratelimit-server

Many thanks to Paul for working on this!