Server update, 2012-01-26

We’ve just pushed out the last MusicBrainz web server update out for this month. Here are the bugs we’ve squashed, and the new features and improvements that have been added. As always, keep helping out with scheduling at the scheduling game, and we’ll do our best to get the important things fixed as soon as we can! Thanks to Ian McEwan, Lukáš Lalinský, Calvin Walton, Johannes Weißl and the MusicBrainz developers for their work on this update.


  • [MBS-2690] – Release editor reports incorrect "Reorder mediums" edits
  • [MBS-3692] – Cover image from is not displayed
  • [MBS-3798] – Cover art not working for
  • [MBS-4040] – "Add URL relationship" doesn’t autodetect YouTube channel URLs
  • [MBS-4150] – Edit recording edits include artist credits even when they didn’t change
  • [MBS-4174] – Changes to track times don’t allow to propagate to recordings
  • [MBS-4177] – Don’t add "musicbrainz" to the search path for tests
  • [MBS-4181] – Date field doesn’t display nice error message
  • [MBS-4184] – label releases list sorted wrong
  • [MBS-4185] – Release Editor should not offer to update recordings when creating new ones
  • [MBS-4198] – "Link type" in edit search should be "relationship type"
  • [MBS-4199] – Search criteria when searching edits by relationship type breaks after initial search
  • [MBS-4202] – The "Merge releases and recordings" recording diff always thinks artists are different
  • [MBS-4211] – Copy all track changes crashes with new recordings
  • [MBS-4222] – When merging releases, I’m asked to pick a "work"
  • [MBS-4231] – JS URL cleanup recognizes more URLs than it should


  • [MBS-2037] – Unify all references to memcached servers in lib/DBDefs.
  • [MBS-2799] – RE: Add the option to indicate a release has no barcode
  • [MBS-4178] – Languages/Scripts statistics page should exclude unused/unavailable items
  • [MBS-4182] – Add RDFa attribute for artist IPI codes
  • [MBS-4187] – Display language and script statistics next to each other
  • [MBS-4191] – Stop auto-transcluding the Proposal namespace in wikidocs
  • [MBS-4195] – Improve Google descriptions
  • [MBS-4243] – Use EWMA to smooth rate of change statistics graphs
  • [MBS-4247] – Clarify language/script statistics to explain why some languages/scripts aren’t visible

New Feature

  • [MBS-3273] – Avoid memcached clashing when running in shared environments
  • [MBS-4244] – Add medium format distribution statistics
  • [MBS-4245] – Add release format distribution statistics
  • [MBS-4246] – Add artist credit distribution statistics

The tag for this release is v-2012-01-26-ngs-bug-fixes.

5 thoughts on “Server update, 2012-01-26”

  1. The ticket links are gone missing in the scheduling games !
    When we see a ticket that needs our comment, we can’t go directly to it any more.

  2. Hey jesus2099, it seems some of the recent syncing between JIRA and the Scheduling Game has gone a bit wrong. I’ll look into that and get it sorted out. For now, just keep voting – it will sort itself out eventually 🙂

  3. Just to update everyone – that problems reported above should be resolved now.

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