2012-01-12 Schema change fix for replicated slaves

Sadly, our testing for replication failed to catch a problem with the instructions we posted yesterday. If, when running the replication scripts you encountered the below error, please read on!

Attribute (conn) does not pass the type constraint because: Validation
failed for 'DBIx::Connector' with value DBI::db=HASH(0x9e957d0)
(not isa DBIx::Connector)

We made some changes to our database connection routines recently, and the replication scripts were not correctly migrated. We’ve got these changes in now though, so to fix this problem, repeat the instructions in our previous post, but use the v-2012-01-12-schema-change-2 tag. This should correspond to commit eb89c2b51f79..., which you can verify by running git rev-parse HEAD.

Sorry about these problems!

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