Server update, 2012-01-05

With Christmas, New Year, and all that fuss out of the way, I’ve finally been able to get a new release out. We’re only 2 weeks behind on this one I think… oops. Hopefully, we make up for it with these fixes. Also, just a quick reminder that our little scheduling website is open, and needs your feedback to help us decide what will make it into future versions. Happy editing!


  • [MBS-1117] – Show relationship attributes on artist relationship pages
  • [MBS-1169] – Musicbrainz website is missing HTML escaping on user entered data
  • [MBS-1391] – Relate to… box stays up until you click cancel
  • [MBS-2022] – Amazon referrer stuff not included in Amazon links
  • [MBS-2770] – Inline Search: problems changing from indexed to direct
  • [MBS-3352] – Typing "57" in length field should become "0:57"
  • [MBS-3357] – In Release Editor Recordings tab there direct search doesnt seem to consider the artist when showing matches.
  • [MBS-3512] – Release editor added a track duration out of the blue
  • [MBS-3790] – Error (foreign key constraint violation) when editing URL
  • [MBS-3832] – Clicking one "vote on all edits" button doesn’t unselect other
  • [MBS-3941] – Can’t unselect an entity in Add Missing Entities
  • [MBS-3942] – Proposer and seconders can’t see voting tally in autoeditor elections
  • [MBS-3953] – /ws/2/release/mbid with ‘recordings’ inc parameter crashes if the release doesn’t have any tracks
  • [MBS-3970] – Admin menu in menu bar not displayed anymore
  • [MBS-4012] – Track times without colons are no longer guessed
  • [MBS-4015] – Edit Relationship page is missing some css
  • [MBS-4042] – Disambiguation field is still labelled as "comment" on some pages
  • [MBS-4086] – Data dumps don’t import using master


  • [MBS-801] – Display release relationships on release page
  • [MBS-1362] – Add Range-checkbox-checking to site
  • [MBS-1368] – Inline Search: focus on a field
  • [MBS-1627] – Transcluded documentation should have hierarchy links
  • [MBS-1904] – Background no longer changes colour when voting
  • [MBS-1911] – Cryptic warning when merging works.
  • [MBS-2409] – Allow removing recording-PUID links from the /puid pages
  • [MBS-2465] – RE: Add Guess Sortname to the Add Missing Entities tab
  • [MBS-2531] – Add IPI lookup to the lookup page
  • [MBS-2890] – Show artist comment in Edit / Add medium edits
  • [MBS-3042] – Add the possibility to update artist credits when renaming an artist
  • [MBS-3277] – Make menus go away when I stop hovering
  • [MBS-3447] – Releases should show how many people have it in their collection
  • [MBS-3494] – Allow "Edit artist credit" to rename artist credits
  • [MBS-3520] – Rename "quality" to "data quality"
  • [MBS-3604] – Use tooltip to inform users on tracklist editor why they cannot edit track lengths
  • [MBS-3854] – Annotation history page is confusing
  • [MBS-3896] – "Change RG" page says nothing if search finds no results
  • [MBS-3999] – Add user panel display for limited accounts
  • [MBS-4011] – Allow URLs for lyrics


  • [MBS-3779] – Products menu needs to link to client libraries


  • [MBS-3973] – Filter by label country

3 thoughts on “Server update, 2012-01-05”

  1. Were MBS-2022 and MBS-3941 included as well? They are currently marked as fixed, but they were left in the 3 months bucket.

  2. Hi salo.rock. Indeed they are part of this release, I’ve updated the release notes.

  3. This one contains so many great stuff !
    Thanks to the developers.
    Maybe it would be rewarding to name them next to MBS-XXX in those blog reports. But maybe less friendship spirit.

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