Scheduling opened to all unscheduled tickets

We finished making some decisions on a few tickets in IRC today regarding scheduling stuff that was in the Scheduling Game. After this, we decided that it was time to open the game up to all issues that we weren’t sure when to schedule. This means that now has approx. 700 issues that we need help scheduling!

For more information on the scheduling game, see the introductory blog post.

It’s a lot to get through, but over time, the critical issues should gradually rise to the top, and our core developers can help solve these as quickly as possible. Happy voting, and thanks for all your help so far!

3 thoughts on “Scheduling opened to all unscheduled tickets”

  1. I’d appreciate a counter in this page that would say something like “1234 tickets remaining”.
    Other than that, it’s fun ! 🙂

  2. Another improvement would be differentiating better the meaning of the buttons: currently “Abstain” and “Skip” are quite ambiguous and maybe overlapping. It would be nice to have a “Wontfix” button and a merged “Abstain/Skip” button (meaning “I don’t have any opinion on this”).

  3. salo.rock: People have asked for wontfix buttons before, but I still don’t agree with adding it. If someone doesn’t want an issue to be fixed at all, then they should open the ticket and actually say that and justify why.

    With regards to abstain and skip, they have different functions: abstaining means you will never see that ticket again, while skip is the same as just refreshing the page to get a fresh issue to vote on. The idea being that you might want to vote on a ticket, but for now you’re in a mindset to just get through the “easier” tickets.

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