Looking for sponsors to purchase two development machines

The MusicBrainz community has two very active contributors (navap and reosarevok) who do not have and cannot afford to buy decent development machines/laptops. MusicBrainz is carefully watching its finances currently and can’t really afford to spend money on this right now, so I’m curious to see if the community would come together to support these two awesome contributors.

Navap has done a lot of editing and web site improvements (a series of 8 or so nitpick patches that greatly improved the look/feel of NGS) and countless other tasks to improve MusicBrainz. Reosarevok is a very active editor and has recently become our wiki god; he is also wishing to help out more with the development. Both of these two awesome contributors could be more productive with decent machines.

We’re looking to buy two $500 Linux capable machines that have a couple of cores and about 4GB of RAM each. Would you please consider chipping in to help our contributors? You can make a cash donation (please let us know your donation should go towards laptops) or even send a laptop to our contributors. If you’d like to help out with a donation of an actual machine, please leave a comment in the blog and I’ll get in touch with you.


4 thoughts on “Looking for sponsors to purchase two development machines”

  1. Wouldn’t it be better if you use one of those web sites that promote fundraisers or donation drivers and then let the community advertise it.

    The amount is low enough that it could be raised in a few days; after all your service has at least thousand of users per day.

    Doing it this way without any visibility will get you very little return.

  2. Dot: We’ve done that in the past for larger fundraisers. The method of posting to the blog has gotten us $565 so far. Enough to cover at least one laptop. Not bad for a single blog post. 🙂

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